2 Corinthians (Wycliffe – 1382)

The 2nd Epistle to the Corinthians
Wycliffe: The Early Version (1382)
1:01 Paul, apostle of Jesus Christ, by the will of God, and Timothy, brother, to the church of God that is at Corinth, with all saints that be in all Achaia,
1:02 grace to you, and peace of God our Father and of the Lord Jesus Christ.
1:03 Blessed be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Father of mercies, and God of all comfort,
1:04 which comforteth us in all our tribulation, that and we may comfort them, that be in all pressure by the exhortation, by which and we be admonished of God.
1:05 For as the passions of Christ be plenteous in us, so also by Christ our comfort is plenteous.
1:06 Forsooth whether we be troubled, it is for your teaching and health, or we be comforted, for your comfort, either we be admonished, for your admonishing and health. Which worketh in you the suffering of the same passions, which also we suffer,
1:07 that our hope be firm for you; witting for as ye be fellows of passions, so ye shall be also of comfort.
1:08 Forsooth, brethren, we will not you to unknow of our tribulation, that was done in Asia; for over measure we were grieved above virtue, so that it distressed us, yea, to live.
1:09 But we ourselves in ourselves had answer of death, that we be not trusting in ourselves, but in God that raiseth dead men.
1:10 Which delivered us, and delivereth from so great perils, into whom we hope, also yet he shall deliver,
1:11 helping and you in prayer for us; that of the persons of many faces of that giving that is in us, by many partners, graces be done to God for us.
1:12 For our glory is this, the witnessing of our conscience, that in simpleness and cleanness of God, and not in fleshly wisdom, but in the grace of God, we lived in this world, but more plenteously to you.
1:13 And we write not other things to you, than those that ye have read and know, and I hope that into the end ye shall know,
1:14 as and ye have known us of part; for we be your glory, as also ye be ours in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
1:15 And in this trusting I would first come to you, that ye should have the second grace,
1:16 and pass by you into Macedonia, and again from Macedonia come to you, and of you be led into Judaea.
1:17 Forsooth when I would this thing, whether I used lightness, or those things that I think, I think after the flesh, that there be at me, is and not?
1:18 Forsooth God is true, for our word that was at you, there is not in it, yea and nay.
1:19 For why Jesus Christ, the Son of God, which is preached among you by us, by me, and Silvanus, and Timothy, there was not in him, is and nay, but in him was is.
1:20 Forsooth how many ever be promises of God, in him is. And therefore by him we say Amen to God, to our glory.
1:21 The which soothly confirmeth us with you in Christ, and the which God anointed us,
1:22 and that marked us, and gave earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.
1:23 Forsooth I in-call God witness into my soul, that I sparing you came not over to Corinth;
1:24 not for we be lords of your faith, but we be helpers of your joy; for through belief ye stand.
2:01 And I ordained this same thing at me, that I should not come again in sorrow to you.
2:02 For if I make you sorry, who is he that gladdeth me, but he that is sorrowful of me?
2:03 And this same thing I wrote to you, that when I shall come, I have not sorrow upon sorrow, of them of whom it behooved me to have joy. Trusting in you all, that my joy is of you all.
2:04 For of much tribulation and anguish of heart I wrote to you by many tears, not that ye be sorry, but that ye know what charity I have more plenteously in you.
2:05 For if any man hath made me sorrowful, he hath not made me sorrowful but in part, that I charge not you all.
2:06 This blaming that is made of many, sufficeth to him, that is such a manner man;
2:07 so that on the contrary ye rather forgive and comfort, lest peradventure he that is such a manner man, be sopped up by more great heaviness.
2:08 For which thing I beseech you, that ye confirm charity into him.
2:09 For why therefore and I wrote this, that I know your proof, whether in all things ye be obedient.
2:10 For to whom ye have forgiven any thing, also I have forgiven. For I, that that I forgave, if I forgave any thing, have forgiven for you in the person of Christ,
2:11 that we be not deceived of Satan; soothly we unknow not his thoughts.
2:12 Forsooth when I had come to Troas for the gospel of Christ, and a door was opened to me in the Lord,
2:13 I had not rest in my spirit, for I found not my brother Titus, but I saying to them farewell, passed into Macedonia.
2:14 Therefore be thankings to God, that ever maketh us to have victory in Christ Jesus, and showeth by us the odour of his knowing in each place;
2:15 for we be the good odour of Christ to God, in these that be made safe, and in these that perish.
2:16 Soothly to others we be odour of death into death, but to the others we be odour of life into life. And to these things who is so able?
2:17 Soothly we be not as full many, adulterating the word of God, but of cleanness, but as of God, before God in Christ we speak.
3:01 Begin we again to commend ourselves? or whether we need, as some, praising letters to you, or of you?
3:02 Ye be our epistle, written in our hearts, which is known and read of all men,
3:03 and ye be made open, for ye be the epistle of Christ ministered of us, and written, not with ink, but by the Spirit of the living God; not in stony tables, but in fleshly tables of heart.
3:04 For we have such trust by Christ to God;
3:05 not that we be sufficient to think any thing of us selves, as of us, but our sufficience is of God.
3:06 Which also made us able ministers of the new testament, not by letter, but by Spirit; for the letter slayeth, but the Spirit quickeneth.
3:07 And if the ministration of death formed by letters in stones was in glory, so that the children of Israel might not behold into the face of Moses, for the glory of his cheer, which glory is now voided,
3:08 how shall not the ministration of the Spirit be more in glory?
3:09 For why if the ministration of condemnation is in glory, much more the ministration of rightwiseness is plenteous in glory.
3:10 For neither that that was clear was glorified in this part for the excellent glory;
3:11 for why if that that is voided, was by glory, much more that that dwelleth still is in glory.
3:12 Therefore we that have such hope, use much trust;
3:13 and not as Moses put a veil on his face, that the children of Israel should not behold into his face, which veil is voided.
3:14 But the wits of them be astonished; for till into this day the same veil in the reading of the old testament dwelleth unshowed, for it is voided in Christ,
3:15 but till into this day, when Moses is read, the veil is put upon their hearts.
3:16 But when Israel shall be converted to God, the veil shall be done away.
3:17 Forsooth the Lord is a Spirit; forsooth where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
3:18 Forsooth all we with shewed face beholding the glory of the Lord, be transformed into the same image, from clearness to clearness, as of the Spirit of the Lord.
4:01 Therefore we having this administration, after this that we have gotten mercy, fail we not,
4:02 but do away the privy things of shame, not walking in subtle guile, neither adulterating the word of God, but in shewing of the truth commending ourselves to each conscience of men before God.
4:03 For if also our gospel is covered, in these that perish it is covered;
4:04 in which the god of this world hath blinded the souls of men out of belief, that the lighting of the gospel of the glory of Christ, that is the image of God, shine not.
4:05 Soothly we preach not ourselves, but Jesus Christ our Lord; and us your servants by Jesus.
4:06 For God, that said the light to shine of darknesses, he hath enlightened in our hearts, to the illumining of the science of the clearness of God, in the face of Jesus Christ.
4:07 And we have this treasure in brittle vessels, that the highness be of God’s virtue, and not of us.
4:08 In all things we suffer tribulation, but we be not made strait thereby in soul; we be made poor, but we be not destitute;
4:09 we suffer persecution, but we be not forsaken; we be made low, but we be not confounded; we be cast down, but we perish not.
4:10 Evermore bearing about the mortifying of Jesus Christ in our body, that also the life of Jesus be shewed in our bodies.
4:11 For evermore we that live, be taken into death for Jesus, that and the life of Jesus be shewed in our deadly flesh.
4:12 Therefore death worketh in us, but life in you.
4:13 Forsooth having the same spirit of faith, as it is written, I have believed, wherefore I have spoken; and we believe, wherefore also we speak;
4:14 witting that he that raised Jesus, shall raise up also us with Jesus, and shall ordain us with you.
4:15 Soothly all things be done for you, that grace being plenteous by many in doing of thanks be plenteous into glory of God.
4:16 For which thing we fail not, but though our outer man be corrupted; nevertheless the inner man is renewed from day to day.
4:17 But that light thing of our tribulation that lasteth now, but as it were by a moment, worketh over manner, into highness the everlasting weight of glory in us;
4:18 while that we behold not those things that be seen, but those things that be not seen. Soothly those things that be seen, be temporal; forsooth those things that be not seen, be eternal.
5:01 And we know, that if our earthly house of this dwelling be dissolved, that we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, everlasting in heavens.
5:02 For why in this thing we mourn, coveting to be clothed above with our dwelling, which is of heaven;
5:03 if nevertheless we be found clothed, and not naked.
5:04 For why we that be in this tabernacle, sorrow within, and be grieved, for that we will not be despoiled, but clothed above; that that thing that is deadly, be sopped up of life.
5:05 Forsooth he that maketh us into this same thing, is God, that gave to us the earnest of Spirit.
5:06 Therefore we be hardy all-gates, and knowing for the while we be in this body, we go in pilgrimage from the Lord;
5:07 for we walk by faith, and not by clear sight.
5:08 Forsooth we be hardy, and have good will, more to be in pilgrimage from the body, and to be present to God.
5:09 And therefore we strive, whether absent, whether present, to please him.
5:10 For it behooveth us all to be shewed before the throne of Christ, that every man receive the proper things of the body, as he hath done, either good, either evil.
5:11 Therefore we witting the dread of the Lord, counsel men, for to God we be open; and I hope, that we be open also in your consciences.
5:12 We commend not ourselves again to you, but we give to you occasion to glory for us, that ye have understanding to them that glory in the face, and not in the heart.
5:13 Soothly whether we by mind, pass it is to God, whether we be sober it is to you?
5:14 For the charity of Christ driveth us; guessing this thing, that if one died for all, then all were dead.
5:15 And Christ died for all, that they that live, live not now to themselves, but to him that died for them, and rose again.
5:16 And so we from this time have known no man after the flesh; and if we knew Christ after the flesh, but right now we know not.
5:17 Therefore if any new creature is in Christ, old things have passed. Lo! all things be made new,
5:18 and all things be of God, which reconciled us to him by Christ, and gave to us the ministry of reconciling.
5:19 Soothly, for God was in Christ, reconciling to him the world, not reckoning to them their guilts, and put in us the word of reconciling.
5:20 Therefore we be set in legacy for Christ, as if God admonisheth by us; we beseech you for Christ, be ye reconciled to God.
5:21 God the Father made him sin for us, which knew not sin, that we should be made the rightwiseness of God in him.
6:01 But we helping you in work and word admonish you, that ye receive not the grace of God in vain.
6:02 For he saith, In time accepted, I have heard thee, and in the day of health I have helped thee. Lo! now a time acceptable, lo! now a day of health.
6:03 To no man giving any offence, that our ministry be not reproved;
6:04 but in all things give we ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in tribulations, in needs, in anguishes,
6:05 in scourgings, in prisons, in dissensions within, in travails, in wakings, in fastings,
6:06 in chastity, in science, in long abiding, in sweetness, in the Holy Ghost, in charity not feigned,
6:07 in the word of truth, in the virtue of God; by armours of rightwiseness on the right half and on the left half;
6:08 by glory and unnobility; by evil fame and good fame; as deceivers, and true men;
6:09 as they that be unknown and known; as men dying, and lo! we live; as chastised, and not made dead;
6:10 as sorrowful, but evermore joying; as needy men, soothly making many rich; as nothing having, and wielding all things.
6:11 O! ye Corinthians, our mouth is open to you, our heart is alarged;
6:12 ye be not made strait in us, but ye be made strait in your entrails.
6:13 Forsooth, we having the same reward, I say as to sons, and be ye alarged.
6:14 Do not ye bear the yoke with unfaithful men. Soothly what parting of rightwiseness with wickedness? or what fellowship of light to darknesses?
6:15 and what according of Christ to Belial? or what part of a faithful man with the unfaithful?
6:16 but what consent to the temple of God with idols? Forsooth ye be the temple of quick God, as the Lord saith, For I shall dwell in them, and I shall walk in; and I shall be the God of them, and they shall be to me a people.
6:17 For which thing go ye out of the middle of them, and be ye parted, saith the Lord, and touch not unclean thing; and I shall receive you,
6:18 and I shall be to you into a Father, and ye shall be to me into sons and daughters, saith the Lord almighty.
7:01 Therefore, most dear-worthy, we having these promises, cleanse we us from all filth of flesh and spirit, perfectly making hallowing in the dread of God.
7:02 Take ye us; we have hurt no man, we have corrupted no man, we have beguiled no man.
7:03 I say not to your condemning; for I said before, that ye be in our hearts, to die together, and live together.
7:04 Much trust is to me with you, much glorying is to me for you. I am filled with comfort, I abound in joy in all our tribulation.
7:05 For when we were come to Macedonia, our flesh had no rest, but we suffered all tribulation; forsooth withoutforth, fightings, withinforth, dreads.
7:06 But God that comforteth meek men, comforted us in the coming of Titus.
7:07 And not only in the coming of him, but also in the comfort by which he was comforted in you, telling to us your desire, your weeping, your love for me, so that I joyed more.
7:08 For though I made you sorry in an epistle, it rueth me not; though it rued, I seeing that though that epistle made you sorry at an hour,
7:09 now I have joy; not for ye were made sorry, but for ye were made sorrowful to penance. For why ye be made sorry after God, that in nothing ye suffer impairment of us.
7:10 For the sorrow that is after God, worketh penance into steadfast health; but sorrow of the world worketh death.
7:11 For lo! this same thing, that ye be sorrowful after God, how much busyness it worketh in you; but defending, but indignation, but dread, but desire, but love, but vengeance. In all things ye have given yourselves to be undefouled in the cause.
7:12 Therefore though I wrote to you, I wrote not for him that did the injury, neither for him that suffered, but to shew our busyness, which we have for you before God.
7:13 Therefore we be comforted, but in your comfort more plenteously we joyed more on the joy of Titus, for his spirit is fulfilled of all you.
7:14 And if I gloried any thing with him of you, I am not confounded; but as we have spoken to you all things in truth, so also our glory that was at Titus, is made truth.
7:15 And the entrails of him be more plenteous in you, which hath in mind the obedience of you all, how with dread and trembling ye received him.
7:16 I joy, that in all things I trust in you.
8:01 But, brethren, we make known to you the grace of God, that is given in the churches of Macedonia,
8:02 that in much assaying of tribulation, the abundance of the joy of them was, and the highest poverty of them was plenteous into the riches of the simpleness of them.
8:03 For I bear witnessing to them, after virtue, and above virtue they were willful,
8:04 with much admonishing beseeching us the grace and the communing of the ministering, that is made to holy men.
8:05 And not as we hoped, but they gave themselves first to the Lord, afterward to us by the will of God.
8:06 So that we prayed Titus, that as he began, so also he perform in you this grace.
8:07 But as ye abound in all things, in faith, and word, and science, and all busyness, moreover and in your charity into us, that also in this grace ye abound.
8:08 I say not as commanding, but by the busyness of other men proving also the good wit of your charity.
8:09 And ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, for he was made needy for you, when he was rich, that ye should be made rich by his mis-ease.
8:10 And I give counsel in this thing; for this is profitable to you, that not only have begun to do, but and to desire from the former year.
8:11 Now forsooth perform ye indeed, that as the discretion of will is ready to desire good, so be it also of performing of that that ye have.
8:12 For if the will be ready, it is accepted after that that it hath, not after that that it hath not.
8:13 Forsooth not that it be remission to other men, and to you tribulation;
8:14 but of evenness, in this present time your abundance fulfill the mis-ease of them, that and the abundance of them be supplement of your mis-ease, that evenness be made;
8:15 as it is written, He that hath gathered much, was not increased, and he that had gathered little, had not less.
8:16 And I do thankings to God, that gave the same busyness for you in the heart of Titus,
8:17 for soothly he received exhortation; but when he was busier, with his will he went forth to you.
8:18 And we sent with him a brother, whose praising is in the gospel by all churches.
8:19 And not only praised, but also he is ordained of churches the fellow of our pilgrimage into this grace, that is ministered of us to the glory of the Lord, and to our ordained will;
8:20 eschewing this thing, that no man blame us in this plenty, that is ministered of us to the glory of the Lord.
8:21 For we purvey good things, not only before God, but also before all men.
8:22 Forsooth we sent with them and our brother, whom we have proved in many things oft, to be busy, now forsooth much busier, in much trust in you,
8:23 either for Titus, that is my fellow and helper in you, either our brethren, apostles of the churches of the glory of Christ.
8:24 Therefore shew ye to them in the face of churches, the shewing that is of your charity and of our glory for you.
9:01 For of the ministry that is made to holy men, it is to me of plenty to write to you.
9:02 For I know your ready will, for the which I have glory of you with Macedonians, for also Achaia is ready from a year passed, and your love hath stirred full many.
9:03 And we have sent brethren, that this thing that we glory of you, be not voided in this part, that as I said, ye be ready.
9:04 Lest when Macedonians come with me, and find you unready, we be shamed, that we say you not, in this substance.
9:05 Therefore I guessed necessary to pray brethren, that they come before to you, and make ready this promised blessing to be ready, so as blessing, and not as avarice.
9:06 This thing forsooth I say, he that soweth scarcely, shall also reap scarcely; and he that soweth in blessings, shall reap also of blessings.
9:07 Each man as he cast in his heart, not of heaviness, or of need; for God loveth a glad giver.
9:08 And God is mighty to make all grace abound in you, that ye, in all things evermore having all sufficience, abound into all good work;
9:09 as it is written, He dealed abroad, he gave to poor men, his rightwiseness dwelleth into without end.
9:10 Forsooth he that ministereth seed to the man sowing, and shall give bread to eat, and he shall multiply your seed, and make much the increasing of fruits of your rightwiseness;
9:11 that in all things made rich abound into all simpleness, which worketh by us doing of thankings to God.
9:12 For the ministry of this office not only filleth those things that fail to holy men, but also aboundeth by many in doing of thankings to the Lord,
9:13 by the proving of this ministry, which glorify God in the obedience of your acknowledging in the gospel of Christ, and in simpleness of communication into them and into all others,
9:14 and in the beseeching of them for you, that desire you for the excellent grace of God in you.
9:15 I give thankings to God upon the untellable gift of him.
10:01 Forsooth I Paul beseech you, by the gentleness, and softness of Christ, which in the face am meek among you, and I absent trust in you.
10:02 Forsooth, I pray you, that I present be not hardy by that trust, in which I am guessed to be hardy into some, which deem us, as we wandered after the flesh.
10:03 For we walking in the flesh, fight not after the flesh.
10:04 For the arms of our knighthood be not fleshly, but mighty by God to the destruction of wardings.
10:05 Destroying counsels, and all highness raising itself against the science of God, and driving into captivity all understanding into the service of Christ.
10:06 Also having in readiness to venge all unobedience, when your obedience shall be fulfilled.
10:07 See ye the things that be after the face. If any man trusteth to himself, that he is of Christ, think he this thing again with himself, for as he is Christ’s, so and we.
10:08 For if I shall glory any thing more of our power, which the Lord gave to us into edifying, and not into your destruction, I shall not be shamed.
10:09 Forsooth that I be not guessed as to fear you by epistles,
10:10 for why they say, The epistles be heavy and strong, but the presence of the body is sick, and the word contemptible.
10:11 He that is such one, think this, for such as we absent be in word by epistles, such we be present in deed.
10:12 Soothly we dare not put us among, or comparison us to some, that commend themselves; but we meting us in ourselves, and comparisoning ourselves to us.
10:13 For we shall not have glory over measure, but after the measure of rule which God measured to us, the measure that stretcheth till to you.
10:14 For we overstretch not forth us, as not stretching to you. For till to you we came in the gospel of Christ,
10:15 not glorying over measure in other men’s travails. Soothly we having hope of your faith waxing in you to be magnified after our rule in abundance,
10:16 also to preach into those things that be beyond you, not to glory in other man’s rule, in these things that be made ready.
10:17 Forsooth He that glorieth, glory he in the Lord.
10:18 For not he that commendeth himself is proved, but whom God commendeth.
11:01 I would that ye would sustain a little thing of mine unwisdom, but also support ye me.
11:02 For I love you by the love of God; for I have spoused you to one husband, to give you, a chaste virgin, to one man, Christ.
11:03 But I dread, lest as the serpent deceived Eve with his subtle fraud, so your wits be corrupted, and fallen down from the simpleness that is in Christ.
11:04 For if he that cometh, preacheth another Christ, whom we preached not, or if ye take another spirit, whom ye received not, or another gospel, which ye received not, rightly ye should suffer.
11:05 For I ween that I have done nothing less than the great apostles.
11:06 For why though I be unlearned in sermon, but not in science. Forsooth in all things I am shewed to you.
11:07 Or whether I have done sin, meeking myself, that ye be enhanced, for freely I preached to you the gospel of God?
11:08 I spoiled of other churches, taking wages to your service.
11:09 And when I was with you, and needed, I was chargeous to no man; for brethren that came from Macedonia, supplied, that that failed to me. And in all things I have kept me, and shall keep me without charge to you.
11:10 The truth of Christ is in me; for this glory shall not be broken in me in the regions of Achaia.
11:11 Why? for I love not you? God knoweth.
11:12 For that that I do, and that I shall do, is that I cut away the occasion of them that will occasion, that in the thing, in which they glory, they be found such as we.
11:13 For why such apostles be treacherous workmen, transfiguring them into apostles of Christ.
11:14 And no wonder; soothly he Satan transfigured him into an angel of light.
11:15 Therefore it is not great, if his ministers be transfigured as the ministers of rightwiseness, whose end shall be after their works.
11:16 Again I say, lest any man deem me unwise; else take ye me as unwise, that also I have glory a little what.
11:17 That that I speak, I speak not after God, but as to unwisdom, in this substance of glory.
11:18 For many men glory after the flesh, and I shall glory.
11:19 For ye suffer gladly unwise men, when ye yourselves be wise.
11:20 For ye suffer, if any man drive you into servage, if any man devoureth, if any man taketh, if any man is enhanced by pride, if any man smiteth you on the face.
11:21 After unnobility, I say, as if we were sick in this part. In what thing any man dare, in unwisdom I say, and I dare.
11:22 They be Hebrews, and I; they be Israelites, and I; they be the seed of Abraham, and I;
11:23 they be the ministers of Christ, and I. As less wise I say, I more; in full many travails, in prisons more plenteously, in wounds above manner, in deaths ofttimes.
11:24 I received of the Jews five times forty strokes one less;
11:25 thrice I was beaten with rods, once I was stoned, thrice I was at ship-break, a night and a day I was in the deepness of the sea;
11:26 in ways oft, in perils of floods, in perils of thieves, in perils of kin, in perils of heathen men, in perils in the city, in perils in desert, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren,
11:27 in travail and neediness, in many wakings, in hunger and thirst, in many fastings, in cold and nakedness.
11:28 Without those things that be withoutforth; mine each day’s waking, the busyness of all churches.
11:29 Who is sick, and I am not sick? who is offended, and I am not burnt?
11:30 If it behooveth to glory, I shall glory in those things that be of my infirmity.
11:31 For God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that is blessed into worlds, knoweth, that I lie not.
11:32 The provost of Damascus, of the king of the folk Arteas, kept the city of Damascenes to take me;
11:33 and by a window in a basket I was let down by the wall, and so I escaped his hands.
12:01 If it behooveth to glory, soothly it speedeth not; forsooth I shall come to the visions and revelations of the Lord.
12:02 I know a man in Christ that before fourteen years; whether in body, whether out of body, I know not, God knoweth; such a man snatched till to the third heaven.
12:03 And I know such a man; whether in body, or out of body, I know not, God knoweth;
12:04 that he was snatched into paradise, and heard privy words, which it is not leaveful to a man for to speak.
12:05 For such manner thing I shall glory; but for me nothing, but in mine infirmities.
12:06 For why and if I shall will to glory, I shall not be unwise, for I shall say truth; but I spare, lest any man guess me over that thing that he seeth in me, or heareth any thing of me.
12:07 And lest the greatness of revelations enhance me in pride, the prick of my flesh, an angel of Satan, is given to me, that he buffet me.
12:08 For which thing thrice I prayed the Lord, that it should go away from me.
12:09 And he said to me, My grace sufficeth to thee; for virtue is perfectly made in infirmity. Therefore gladly I shall glory in mine infirmities, that the virtue of Christ dwell in me.
12:10 For which thing I am pleased in mine infirmities, in wrong despisings, in needs, in persecutions, in anguishes, for Christ; for when I am sick, then I am mighty.
12:11 I am made unwitty, ye constrained me. For I ought to be commended of you; for I did nothing less than they that be apostles over measure. Though I be nought,
12:12 nevertheless the signs of my apostlehood be made on you, in all patience, and signs, and great wonders, and virtues.
12:13 And what is it, that ye had less before other churches, no but that I myself grieved you not? Forgive ye to me this wrong.
12:14 Lo! this third time I am ready to come to you, and I shall not be grievous to you; for I seek not those things that be yours, but you. For neither sons owe to make treasure to father and mother, but the father and mother to the sons.
12:15 For I most willfully shall give, and I myself shall be given over for your souls; though I more love you, and be less loved.
12:16 But be it; I grieved not you, but when I was subtle-wily, I took you with guile.
12:17 Whether I deceived you by any of them, whom I sent to you?
12:18 I prayed Titus, and I sent with him a brother. Whether Titus beguiled you? whether we went not in the same spirit? whether not in the same steps?
12:19 Sometime ye ween, that we shall excuse us with you. Before God in Christ we speak; and, forsooth, most dear brethren, all things for your edifying.
12:20 But I dread, lest when I come, I shall not find you such as I will, and I shall be found of you such as ye will not; lest peradventure strivings, envies, sturdinesses, dissensions and detractions, privy speeches of discord, swellings by pride, debates be among you;
12:21 lest again when I shall come, God make me humble with you, so that and I bewail many of them, that before sinned, and did not penance of the uncleanness, and fornication, and unchastity, that they have done.
13:01 Lo! this third time I come to you, and in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall stand.
13:02 I said before, and I say before, as present twice, and now absent, to them that before have sinned, and to all others; for if I come again, I shall not spare.
13:03 Whether ye seek an experiment of him that speaketh in me, Christ, the which is not sick in you, but is mighty in you?
13:04 For though he was crucified of infirmity, but he liveth of the virtue of God. For why and we be sick in him, but we shall live with him of the virtue of God in us.
13:05 Assay yourselves, if ye be in the faith; ye yourselves prove. Whether ye know not yourselves, for Christ Jesus is in you? no but peradventure, ye be reproveable.
13:06 But I hope, that ye know, that we be not reproveable.
13:07 And we pray the Lord, that ye do nothing of evil; not that we seem proved, but that ye do that that is good, and that we be as reproveable.
13:08 Forsooth we may do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.
13:09 For we joy, when we be sick, but ye be mighty; and we pray this thing, your perfection.
13:10 Therefore I absent write these things, that I present do not harder, after the power, which the Lord gave to me into edification, and not into destruction.
13:11 Brethren, henceforward joy ye, be ye perfect, and teach ye; understand ye the same thing; have ye peace, and God of peace and love shall be with you.
13:12 Greet ye well together in holy kiss.
13:13 All holy men greet you well.
13:14 The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the charity of God, and the communing of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.
1. Terence P. Noble