Hebrews (Wycliffe – 1382)

The Epistle to the Hebrews
Wycliffe: The Early Version (1382)
1:01 Manifold and in many manners sometime God speaking to fathers by prophets,
1:02 at the last in these days he hath spoken to us by the Son; whom he hath ordained heir of all things, and by whom he made the worlds.
1:03 Which when also he is the brightness of glory, and the figure of his substance, and bearing all things by word of his virtue, he maketh purgation of sins, sitteth on the right half of majesty in high things;
1:04 and so much is made better than angels, by how much he hath inherited a more different name before them.
1:05 For to which of the angels said God any time, Thou art my Son, I have today gendered thee? And again, I shall be to him into a Father, and he shall be to me into a Son?
1:06 And when again he bringeth in the first begotten into the roundness of the earth, he saith, And all the angels of God worship him.
1:07 And soothly to angels he saith, He that maketh his angels spirits, and his ministers flame of fire.
1:08 But to the Son he saith, God, thy throne is into the world of worlds; a rod of equity is the rod of thy realm;
1:09 thou hast loved rightwiseness, and hatedst wickedness; therefore God, thy God, anointed thee with oil of gladness more than thy fellows.
1:10 And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning foundedst the earth, and heavens be works of thine hands;
1:11 they shall perish, but thou shalt perfectly dwell; and all shall wax old as a cloth,
1:12 and thou shalt change them as a cloth, and they shall be changed. But thou art the same thyself, and thy years shall not fail.
1:13 But to which of the angels said God at any time, Sit thou on my right half, till I put thine enemies a stool of thy feet?
1:14 Whether they all be not serving spirits, sent into ministry for them that take the heritage of health?
2:01 Therefore it behooveth us to keep more plenteously those things, that we have heard, lest peradventure we float away.
2:02 For if that word that was said by angels, was made firm, and each trespassing, and unobedience took just retribution of meed,
2:03 how shall we escape, if we despise so great an health? Which, when it had taken beginning to be told out by the Lord, of them that heard is confirmed into us.
2:04 God together witnessing by signs, and wonders, and great marvels, and diverse virtues, and distributions of the Holy Ghost, after his will.
2:05 Forsooth not to angels God subjected the roundness of the earth to come, of which we speak.
2:06 Soothly some man witnessed in some place, saying, What thing is man, that thou art mindful of him, or man’s son, for thou visitest him?
2:07 Thou madest him a little less from angels; thou hast crowned him with glory and honour; and thou hast ordained him upon the works of thine hands.
2:08 Thou hast made all things subject under his feet. And in that that he subjected all things to him, he left nothing unsubjected to him. But now we see not yet all things subject to him;
2:09 but we see him that was made a little less than angels, Jesus, for the passion of death crowned with glory and honour, that he through the grace of God should taste death for all men.
2:10 Forsooth it became him, for whom all things, and by all things, the which had led together many sons into glory, the maker of the health of them, to end by passions.
2:11 For he that halloweth, and they that be hallowed, be all of one; for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren,
2:12 saying, I shall tell thy name to my brethren; in the middle of the church I shall praise thee.
2:13 And again, I shall be trusting into him; and again, Lo! I and my children, which God gave to me.
2:14 Therefore for children communed to flesh and blood, and he also took part of the same, that by death he should destroy him that had lordship of death, that is to say, the devil,
2:15 and should deliver them that by dread of death, by all life were bound to servage.
2:16 And he took to never angels, but he took to the seed of Abraham.
2:17 Wherefore he ought to be likened to brethren by all things, that he should be made merciful and a faithful bishop to God, that he should be merciful to the trespasses of the people.
2:18 For in that thing in which he suffered, and was tempted, he is mighty to help also them that be tempted.
3:01 Wherefore, holy brethren, and partners of heavenly calling, behold ye the apostle and the bishop of our confession, Jesus,
3:02 which is true to him that made him, as also Moses in all the house of him.
3:03 Forsooth this bishop is had worthy of more glory than Moses, by as much as he hath more honour of the house, that made the house.
3:04 For each house is made of some man; forsooth he that made all things of nought is God.
3:05 And soothly Moses was true in all his house, as a servant, into witnessing of those things that were to be said;
3:06 but Christ as a son in his house. Which house we be, if we hold firm trust and glory of hope unto the end.
3:07 Wherefore as the Holy Ghost saith, Today, if ye have heard his voice,
3:08 do not ye harden your hearts, as in wrathing, after the day of temptation in desert;
3:09 where your fathers tempted me, proved, and saw my works.
3:10 Wherefore I was offended to this generation, and I said, Evermore they err in heart, for they knew not my ways;
3:11 to whom I swore in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest.
3:12 Brethren, see ye, lest peradventure in any of you be an evil heart of unbelief, to depart from the living God.
3:13 But admonish yourselves by all days, the while today is named, that none of you be hardened by falseness of sin.
3:14 For we be made partners of Christ, if nevertheless we hold the beginning of his substance firm into the end.
3:15 While it is said, today, if ye have heard the voice of him, do not ye harden your hearts, as in that wrathing.
3:16 Soothly some hearing wrathed, but not all they that went out of Egypt by Moses.
3:17 But to whom was he wrathed forty years? Whether not to them that sinned, whose carrions were cast down into desert?
3:18 To whom he swore soothly, to not enter into his rest, no but to them that were unbelieveful?
3:19 And we see, that they might not enter into the rest of him for unbelief.
4:01 Therefore dread we, least peradventure while the promise of entering into his rest is left, that any of us be guessed for to fail.
4:02 Forsooth it is told to us, as and to them. And the word that was heard profited not to them, not mingled to faith of those things that they heard.
4:03 Forsooth we that have believed shall enter into rest, as he said, As I swore in my wrath, if they shall enter into my rest. And soothly the works were made perfect from the ordinance of the world,
4:04 he said thus in some place of the seventh day, And God rested in the seventh day from all his works.
4:05 And in this place again, If they shall enter into my rest.
4:06 Therefore for it followeth, that some men shall enter into it, and they first to whom it is told, entered not for their unbelief.
4:07 Again, he termineth some day, saying in David, Today, after so much of time, as it is before-said, Today if ye have heard his voice, do not ye harden your hearts.
4:08 For if Jesus had given rest to them, he should never speak of other after that day.
4:09 Therefore rest is left to the people of God.
4:10 For he that is entered into his rest, and he rested of his works, as also God of his.
4:11 Therefore haste we to enter into that rest, that no man fall into the same example of unbelief.
4:12 For the word of God is quick, and speedy in working, and more able to pierce than any two-edged sword, and entering, unto parting of soul and spirit, and of jointures and marrows, and it is the deemer of thoughts and intents of hearts.
4:13 And no creature is invisible in the sight of God. For all things be naked and open to his eyes, to whom a word to us.
4:14 Therefore we that have a great bishop, that pierced heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, hold we the confession of our faith.
4:15 For we have not a bishop, that may not have compassion on our infirmities, but was tempted by all things by likeness, without sin.
4:16 Therefore go we with trust to the throne of his grace, that we get mercy, and find grace in covenable help.
5:01 For each bishop taken of men, is ordained for men in those things that be to God, that he offer gifts and sacrifices for sins.
5:02 Which may together sorrow with them, that know not and err; for also he is environed with infirmity.
5:03 And therefore he oweth, as for the people, so also for himself, to offer for sins.
5:04 Neither any man taketh to him honour, but he that is called of God, as Aaron was.
5:05 So and Christ clarified not himself, that he were bishop, but he that spake to him, Thou art my Son, today I gendered thee.
5:06 As and in another place he saith, Thou art a priest into without end, after the order of Melchisedec.
5:07 Which in the days of his flesh offered, with great cry and tears, prayers and beseechings to him that might make him safe from death, and was heard for his reverence.
5:08 And when he was God’s Son, he learned obedience of these things that he suffered;
5:09 and he led to perfection is made cause of everlasting health to all that obey him,
5:10 called of God a bishop, by the order of Melchisedec.
5:11 Of whom there is to us a great word for to say, and able to be expounded, for ye be made feeble to hear.
5:12 For when ye ought to be masters for a time, again ye need that ye be taught, which be the elements of the beginning of God’s words. And ye be made those, to whom is need of milk, and not of firm meat.
5:13 For each that is partner of milk, is without part of the word of rightwiseness, for he is a little child.
5:14 But of perfect men is firm meat, of them that for custom have their wits exercised to discretion of good and evil.
6:01 Therefore we leaving a while the word of the beginning of Christ, be born to the perfection, not again laying the foundament of penance from dead works, and of faith to God,
6:02 and of teaching of baptisms, and of laying on of hands, and of rising again of dead men, and of everlasting doom.
6:03 And this thing we shall do, if God shall suffer.
6:04 But it is impossible, them that once be illumined, and have tasted also an heavenly gift, and be made partners of the Holy Ghost,
6:05 and nevertheless have tasted the good word of God, and virtues of the world to come,
6:06 and be slid far away, that they be renewed again to penance. Which again crucify to themselves the Son of God, and have him to scorn.
6:07 Forsooth the earth drinking rain oft coming upon it, and bringing forth covenable herb to them of whom it is tilled, taketh blessing of God.
6:08 But that that is bringing forth thorns and briers, is reproveable, and next to curse, whose ending shall be into burning.
6:09 But, ye most dear-worthy, we trust of you better things, and near to health, though we speak so.
6:10 For God is not unjust, that he forget your work and love, which ye have shewed in his name; for ye have ministered to saints, and minister.
6:11 And we covet that each of you shew the same busyness to the full-filling of hope into the end;
6:12 that ye be not made slow, but also followers of them, which by faith and patience shall inherit the promises.
6:13 For God promising to Abraham, for he had none greater, by whom he should swear, swore by himself,
6:14 saying, I blessing shall bless thee, and I multiplying shall multiply thee;
6:15 and so he long suffering got repromission.
6:16 For men swear by a greater than themselves, and the end of all their controversy is an oath to confirmation.
6:17 In which thing God willing to shew plenteouslier to the heirs of his promise the unmoveableness of his counsel, put between an oath,
6:18 that by two things unmoveable, by which it is impossible God for to lie, we have strongest solace, which flee together to hold the hope put forth.
6:19 Which hope as an anchor we have secure to the soul, and firm, and going into the inner things of hiding;
6:20 where the fore-goer for us entered in, Jesus, made bishop into without end after the order of Melchisedec.
7:01 And this Melchisedec, king of Salem, the priest of the highest God, which met Abraham, as he turned again from the slaying of the kings, and blessed him;
7:02 to whom also Abraham parted tithes of all things; first soothly the which is interpreted king of rightwiseness, and afterward king of Salem, that is to say, king of peace,
7:03 without father, without mother, without genealogy, neither having beginning of days, neither end of life; forsooth he likened to the Son of God, dwelleth priest into without end.
7:04 Forsooth behold ye how great this man is, to whom Abraham the patriarch gave tithes of the best things.
7:05 And soothly men taking priesthood of the sons of Levi have commandment to take tithes of the people, after the law, that is to say, of their brethren, though also they went out of the loins of Abraham.
7:06 But he whose generation is not numbered in them, took tithes of Abraham; and he blessed this Abraham, which had repromissions.
7:07 Forsooth without any against-saying, that that is less, is blessed of the better.
7:08 And here soothly men dying take tithes; forsooth there it is witnessed, that he liveth.
7:09 And that it is so said, by Abraham also Levi, that took tithes, was tithed;
7:10 and yet he was in his father’s loins, when Melchisedec met him.
7:11 Therefore if perfection was by the priesthood of Levi, for under him the people took the law, what yet was it needful, another priest to rise, after the order of Melchisedec, and not to be said after the order of Aaron?
7:12 For why when the priesthood is translated, it is needful that also the translation of the law be made.
7:13 But he in whom these things be said, is of another lineage, of which no man was priest to the altar.
7:14 Soothly it is openly known, that our Lord is born of Juda, in which lineage Moses spake nothing of priests.
7:15 And more yet it is known, if after the order of Melchisedec another priest riseth;
7:16 the which is not made after the law of fleshly commandment, but after virtue of life indissoluble.
7:17 Soothly he witnesseth, For thou art a priest into without end, after the order of Melchisedec;
7:18 that reproving of the commandment before-going is made, for the unfirmness and unprofit of it.
7:19 For why the law brought nothing to perfection, but there is a bringing in of a better hope, by which we nigh to God.
7:20 And how great it is, not without swearing that Christ is made priest after the order of Melchisedec;
7:21 forsooth others be made priests without an oath; but this priest with an oath, by him that said to him, The Lord swore, and it shall not rue him, Thou art a priest into without end, after the order of Melchisedec;
7:22 in so much Jesus is made better promiser of the better testament.
7:23 And soothly the others were made many priests, for that they were forbidden by death to dwell;
7:24 but this man, for that he dwelleth into without end, hath an everlasting priesthood.
7:25 Wherefore and he may save into without end, coming nigh by himself to God, evermore living to pray for us.
7:26 Forsooth it became that such a man were bishop to us, holy, innocent, unfiled, parted from sinners, and made higher than heavens;
7:27 which hath not need each day, as priests, first for his own guilts to offer sacrifices, and afterward for the people; soothly he did this thing, once offering himself.
7:28 And the law ordained men priests having sickness; but the word of swearing, which is after the law, ordained the Son perfect into without end.
8:01 But a recapitulation on those things that be said. We have such a bishop, that sat on the right half of the seat of greatness in heavens,
8:02 the minister of saints, and of the very tabernacle, that God set, and not man.
8:03 For each bishop is ordained to offer gifts and sacrifices; wherefore it is need, and this man, for to have something that he shall offer.
8:04 Therefore if he were on earth, he were not priest, when there were that should offer gifts after the law,
8:05 which serve to the sampler and shadow of heavenly things. As it was answered to Moses, when he should make the tabernacle, See, the Lord saith, make all things after the sampler, that is shewed to thee in the mount.
8:06 But now he hath gotten a better ministry, by how much and he is a mediator of a better testament, which is confirmed with better promises.
8:07 For if that first had been voided from blame, the place of the second should not have been sought.
8:08 Forsooth reproving them he saith, Lo! days come, saith the Lord, and I shall make perfect a new testament on the house of Israel, and on the house of Juda;
8:09 not after the testament that I made to their fathers, in the day in which I caught their hand, that I should lead them out of the land of Egypt; for they dwelled not perfectly in my testament, and I have despised them, saith the Lord.
8:10 For this is the testament, which I shall dispose to the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord, in giving my laws into the souls of them, and into the hearts of them I shall above write them; and I shall be to them into God, and they shall be to me into a people.
8:11 And each man shall not teach his neighbour, and each man his brother, saying, Know thou the Lord; for all men shall know me, from the less unto the more of them.
8:12 For I shall be merciful to the wickedness of them, and now I shall not bethink on the sins of them.
8:13 But in saying a new, the former waxed old; and that that is of many days, and waxeth old, is nigh death.
9:01 Soothly and the former testament had justifyings of worship, and holy thing worldly.
9:02 For the tabernacle was made first, in which were candlesticks, and a board, and putting forth of loaves, which is said holy.
9:03 And after the veil, the second tabernacle, that is said sanctum sanctorum;
9:04 having a golden censer, and the ark of the testament, covered about on each side with gold, in which was a pot of gold having manna, and the rod of Aaron that flourished, and the tables of the testament;
9:05 upon which things were cherubims of glory, shadowing the propitiatory; of which things it is not now to say by all.
9:06 But when these were made thus together, priests entered evermore in the former tabernacle, ending the offices of sacraments;
9:07 but in the second tabernacle, the bishop alone entered once in the year, not without blood, which he offered for his ignorance and the people’s.
9:08 The Holy Ghost signifying this thing, that not yet the way of saints was opened, while the former tabernacle had state.
9:09 Which parable is of this present time, by which also gifts and sacrifices be offered, which may not make a man serving perfect by conscience,
9:10 only in meats, and drinks, and diverse washings, and rightwisenesses of flesh, put unto the time of correction.
9:11 Forsooth Christ being a bishop of goods to come, by a larger and perfecter tabernacle, not made by hand, that is to say, not of this making,
9:12 neither by blood of goat bucks, or calves, but by his own blood, entered once into holy things, when everlasting redemption was found.
9:13 For if the blood of goat bucks, and of bulls, and the ashes of a cow calf sprinkled, halloweth unclean men to the cleansing of flesh,
9:14 how much more the blood of Christ, which by the Holy Ghost offered himself unwemmed to God, shall cleanse our conscience from dead works, for to serve to living God?
9:15 And therefore he is a mediator of the new testament, that death falling between, into redemption of the trespassings that were under the former testament, they that be called take the promise of everlasting heritage.
9:16 For where a testament is, it is need, that the death of the testament maker come between.
9:17 For a testament is confirmed in dead men; else it is no worth, while he liveth, that made the testament.
9:18 Wherefore neither the first testament was hallowed without blood.
9:19 For when each commandment of the law was read of Moses to all the people, he took the blood of calves, and of bucks of goats, with water, and red wool, and hyssop, and sprinkled both that book and all the people,
9:20 saying, This is the blood of the testament, that God commanded to you.
9:21 Also he sprinkled with blood the tabernacle, and all the vessels of ministry in like manner.
9:22 And almost all things be cleansed in blood by the law; and without shedding of blood remission of sins is not made.
9:23 Therefore it is need, that the samplers of heavenly things be cleansed with these things; but those heavenly things with better sacrifices than these.
9:24 Forsooth Jesus entered not into holy things made by hands, the which be samplers of very things, but into heavens itself, that he appear now to the cheer of God for us;
9:25 nor that he offer himself oft, as the bishop entered into holy things by all years in alien blood,
9:26 else it behooved him oft to suffer from the beginning of the world; but now once in the ending of the worlds, to the destruction of sin by his sacrifice he appeared.
9:27 And as it is ordained to men, once to die, but after this is the doom,
9:28 so Christ was offered once, for to void the sins of many men; the second time he shall appear without sin to men that abide him into health.
10:01 Forsooth the law having shadow of goods to come, not that image of things, by all years by those same hosts, which they offer without ceasing, never may make men coming nigh perfect;
10:02 else they should have ceased to be offered, forasmuch as the worshippers cleansed once, had no conscience of sin furthermore.
10:03 But in them by oft offering mind of sins is made by all years.
10:04 For it is impossible that sins be done away by blood of bulls, and of bucks of goats.
10:05 Therefore he entering into the world, saith, Thou wouldest not sacrifice and offering; but thou hast shaped a body to me;
10:06 and burnt sacrifices also for sin pleased not to thee.
10:07 Then I said, Lo! I come; in the beginning of the book it is written of me, that I do thy will, thou God.
10:08 He above saying, For thou wouldest not hosts, and offerings, and burnt sacrifices, for sin, nor those things be pleasant to thee, which be offered by the law,
10:09 then I said, Lo! I come, that I do thy will, God. He doeth away the first, that he make steadfast the second.
10:10 In which will we be hallowed by the offering of the body of Christ Jesus once.
10:11 And soothly each priest is ready each day ministering, and ofttimes offering the same hosts, which may never do away sins.
10:12 But this man offering one sacrifice for sins, for evermore sitteth on the right half of God the Father;
10:13 from thenceforth abiding, till his enemies be put a stool under his feet.
10:14 For by one offering he made perfect for ever hallowed men.
10:15 And the Holy Ghost witnesseth to us; forsooth afterward he said,
10:16 This is the testament, which I shall witness to them after those days, saith the Lord, in giving my laws in the hearts of them, and in the souls of them I shall above write them;
10:17 and now I shall no more think on the sins and wickednesses of them.
10:18 And where remission of these is, now is there none offering for sin.
10:19 Therefore, brethren, having trust into the entering of holy things in the blood of Christ,
10:20 which he hallowed to us a new way, and living by a veil, that is to say, his flesh,
10:21 and we having the great priest upon the house of God,
10:22 nigh we with very heart in the plenty of faith; and be our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with clean water,
10:23 hold we the confession of our hope unbowing, unpliable; for he is true that hath made the promise.
10:24 And behold we together in the stirring of charity and of good works;
10:25 not forsaking our gathering together, as it is of custom of some men, but counseling them, and by so much the more, by how much ye shall see the day nighing.
10:26 Forsooth to us sinning willfully, after the knowing of truth taken, now an host for sins is not left.
10:27 For why some abiding of doom is dreadful, and the following of fire, which shall waste adversaries.
10:28 Who that breaketh Moses’ law, dieth without any mercy, by two or three witnesses;
10:29 how much more guess ye, him to deserve worse torments, which defouleth the Son of God, and holdeth the blood of the testament polluted, in which he is hallowed, and shall do wrong to the Spirit of grace?
10:30 For we know him that said, To me vengeance, and I shall yield. And again, For the Lord shall deem his people.
10:31 It is fearful to fall into the hands of living God.
10:32 And have ye mind on the former days, in which ye lightened sustained great strife of passions.
10:33 And soothly in the tother ye were made a spectacle by reproofs and tribulations; in the tother forsooth ye be made fellows of men living so.
10:34 For also to bound men ye had compassion, and ye received with joy the raven of your goods, knowing you to have a better and dwelling substance.
10:35 Therefore do not ye lose your trust, which hath great rewarding.
10:36 For patience is needful to you, that ye doing the will of God, bring again the promise.
10:37 For yet a little, and he that is to come shall come, and he shall not tarry.
10:38 For my just man liveth of faith; that if he withdraweth himself, he shall not please to my soul.
10:39 But we be not the sons of withdrawing away into perdition, but of faith into the getting of soul.
11:01 Forsooth faith is the substance of things to be hoped, an argument of things not appearing.
11:02 And in this faith old men have gotten witnessing.
11:03 By faith we understand the worlds to be shaped by God’s word, that visible things were made of invisible things.
11:04 By faith Abel offered full much more host to God than Cain, by which he got witnessing to be just, God bearing witnessing to his gifts; and by that faith he dead speaketh yet.
11:05 By faith Enoch was translated, that he should not see death; and he was not found, for the Lord translated him. For before the translation he had witnessing that he pleased God.
11:06 And it is impossible to please God without faith. For it behooveth that a man coming to God, believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of men that seek him.
11:07 By faith Noah, an answer taken of these things that yet were not seen, dreading shaped an ark into the health of his house; by which he condemned the world, and is ordained heir of rightwiseness, which is by faith.
11:08 By faith he that is called Abraham, obeyed to go out into a place, which he should take into heritage; and he went out, not witting whither he should go.
11:09 By faith he dwelt in the land of promise, as in an alien land, dwelling in little houses with Isaac and Jacob, even-heirs of the same promise.
11:10 For he abode a city having foundaments, whose craftsman and maker is God.
11:11 By faith also that Sara barren, took virtue in conceiving of seed, yea, against the time of age; for she believed him true, that had promised.
11:12 For which thing, and of one, and him nigh dead, men be born as stars of heaven in multitude, and as gravel, that is at the seaside unnumerable.
11:13 By faith all these be dead, when the promises were not taken, but they beholding them afar, and greeting them well, and acknowledged that they were pilgrims, and harboured men on the earth.
11:14 And they that say these things, signify that they seek a country.
11:15 And forsooth if they had mind of that, of which they went out, soothly they had time of turning again;
11:16 but now they desire a better, that is to say, heavenly. Therefore God is not confounded to be called the God of them; for he made ready to them a city.
11:17 By faith Abraham offered Isaac, when he was tempted; and he offered the one begotten son, which had taken repromissions;
11:18 to whom it was said, For in Isaac the seed shall be called to thee.
11:19 Deeming, that and from dead God is mighty to raise him; wherefore he took him also into a parable.
11:20 By faith and of things to come, Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau.
11:21 By faith Jacob dying blessed all the sons of Joseph, and honoured the highness of his rod.
11:22 By faith Joseph dying had mind of the passing forth of the children of Israel, and commanded of his bones.
11:23 By faith Moses born, was hid three months of his father and mother, for that they saw the young child fair, and they dreaded not the commandment of the king.
11:24 By faith Moses made great, denied him to be the son of Pharao’s daughter,
11:25 choosing rather for to be tormented with the people of God, than to have mirth of temporal sin;
11:26 deeming the reproof of Christ more riches than the treasures of the Egyptians; for he beheld into the rewarding.
11:27 By faith he forsook Egypt, not dreading the hardness of the king; forsooth he as seeing sustained the invisible.
11:28 By faith he hallowed pask, and shedding of blood, lest he that destroyed the first things of the Egyptians, should touch them.
11:29 By faith they passed the red sea, as by dry land, which thing Egyptians assaying were devoured in waters.
11:30 By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, by compassing of seven days.
11:31 By faith Rahab the whore perished not with the unbelieveful, she receiving the spies with peace.
11:32 And what yet shall I say? Soothly time shall fail me telling of Gedeon, Barak, Samson, Jephthae, David, and Samuel, and of other prophets;
11:33 which by faith overcame realms, wrought rightwiseness, got repromissions; they stopped the mouths of lions,
11:34 they quenched the fierceness of fire, they drove away the edge of sword, they recovered of sickness, they were made strong in battle, they turned the hosts of aliens.
11:35 Women received their dead of again-rising; forsooth others were holden forth, not taking redemption, that they should find a better again-rising.
11:36 And others assayed scornings and beatings, moreover and bonds and prisons.
11:37 They were stoned, they were sawed, they were tempted, they were dead in slaying of sword. They went about in brock skins, and in skins of goats, needy, anguished, tormented;
11:38 to which the world was not worthy. They erring in wildernesses, and in mountains and dens, and in caves of the earth.
11:39 And all these, proved by witnessing of faith, took not repromission;
11:40 for God provided some better thing for us, that they should not be made perfect without us.
12:01 Therefore and we that have so great a cloud of witnesses put to us, do we away all charge, and sin standing about us, and by patience run we to the battle purposed to us,
12:02 beholding into the maker of faith, and the perfect ender, Jesus; which when joy was purposed to him, suffered the cross, and despised confusion, and sitteth on the right half of the seat of God.
12:03 Forsooth bethink ye on him that sustained such against-saying of sinful men against himself, that ye be not made weary, failing in your souls.
12:04 For ye against-stood not yet unto blood, fighting against sin.
12:05 And ye have forgotten the comfort that speaketh to you as to sons, saying, My son, do not thou despise the discipline of the Lord, neither be thou made weary, the while thou art chastised of him.
12:06 Forsooth whomever the Lord loveth he chastiseth; forsooth he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
12:07 Last ye therefore in discipline; God offereth him to you as to sons. For what son is it, whom the father chastiseth not?
12:08 That if ye be out of discipline, of which all be made partners, then ye be adulterers, and not sons.
12:09 And afterward we had fathers of our flesh, teachers, and we with reverence dreaded them. Whether not much more we shall obey to the Father of spirits, and we shall live?
12:10 And they soothly in time of few days taught us by their will; forsooth this Father to that thing that is profitable, in receiving the hallowing of him.
12:11 And each chastising in this present time seemeth to be not of joy, but of sorrow; but afterward it shall yield fruit of rightwiseness most peaceable to men exercised by it.
12:12 For which thing raise ye up slow hands, and knees unbound,
12:13 and make rightful goings to your feet; that no man halting err, but more be healed.
12:14 Follow ye peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see God.
12:15 Beholding that no man fail to the grace of God, that no root of bitterness burrowing upward hinder us, and by it be many men defouled;
12:16 that no man be lecher, or unholy, as Esau, the which for one meal’s meat sold his first things.
12:17 For know ye, that afterward he coveting to inherit blessing, was reproved. For he found not place of penance, though he sought it with tears.
12:18 Forsooth ye have not come to the fire able to be touched, and able to come to, and to the whirlwind, and mist, and tempest,
12:19 and sound of the trump, and voice of words; which they that heard, excused them, that the word should not be made to them.
12:20 For they bare not that that was said, And if a beast touched the hill, it shall be stoned.
12:21 And so dreadful it was that was seen, that Moses said, I am afeared, and full of trembling.
12:22 But ye have come nigh to the hill Sion, and to the city of living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to the multitude of many thousand angels,
12:23 and to the church of the first men, which be written in heavens, and to God, doomsman of all, and to the spirits of just perfect men,
12:24 and to Jesus, mediator of the new testament, and to the sprinkling of blood, better speaking than Abel’s blood.
12:25 See ye, that ye refuse not the speaker; if forsooth they escaped not refused him that spake on earth, much more we that turn away from him that speaketh to us from heavens.
12:26 Whose voice then moved the earth, but now he again promiseth, saying, Yet once and I shall move not only the earth, but also heaven.
12:27 And that he saith, Yet once, he declareth the translation of moveable things, as of made things, that those things dwell, that be unmoveable.
12:28 Therefore we receiving the kingdom unmoveable, have we grace, by which serve we pleasing to God with dread and reverence.
12:29 For why our God is fire wasting.
13:01 The charity of brotherhood dwell in you,
13:02 and do not ye forget hospitality; for by this some pleased to angels received to harbour.
13:03 Be ye mindful of bound men, as ye together bound, and of travailing men, as and yourselves dwelling in the body.
13:04 Wedding is in all things honourable, and the bed undefouled; for God shall deem fornicators and adulterers.
13:05 Be your manners without covetousness, satisfied with things being; for he said, I shall not leave thee, neither forsake,
13:06 so that we trustily say, The Lord is an helper to me; I shall not dread, what a man shall do to me.
13:07 Be ye mindful of your provosts, that have spoken to you the word of God; of whom ye beholding the going out of conversation, follow ye their faith,
13:08 Jesus Christ, yesterday, and today, he is also into worlds.
13:09 Do not ye be led away with diverse and strange teachings. For it is best to stable the heart with grace, not with meats, which profited not to men wandering in them.
13:10 We have an altar, of which they that serve to the tabernacle, have not power to eat.
13:11 For of which beasts the blood is borne in for sin into holy things by the bishop, the bodies of them be burnt without the castles.
13:12 For which thing Jesus, that he should hallow the people by his blood, suffered without the gate.
13:13 Go we out therefore to him without the castles, bearing his reproof.
13:14 Soothly we have not here a dwelling city, but we seek a city to come.
13:15 By him therefore offer we an host of praising allway to God, that is to say, the fruit of lips acknowledging to his name.
13:16 And do not ye forget well doing, and communing; forsooth by such hosts, God is well served.
13:17 Obey ye to your provosts, and under-lay ye to them; they forsooth busily wake, as to yielding reason for your souls, that they do this thing with joy, and not sorrowing; for this thing speedeth not to you.
13:18 Pray ye for us, and we trust that we have good conscience in all things, willing to live well.
13:19 Moreover I beseech you to do this thing, that I be restored the sooner to you.
13:20 Soothly God of peace, that led out from dead our Lord Jesus Christ, the great shepherd of sheep, in the blood of the everlasting testament,
13:21 shape in all good work, that ye do his will; he doing in you that thing that shall please before him, by Jesus Christ, to whom be glory into worlds of worlds. Amen.
13:22 And, brethren, I pray you, that ye suffer a word of solace; and soothly by few I have written to you.
13:23 Know ye our brother Timothy, that is sent forth, with whom if he shall come more hastily, I shall see you.
13:24 Greet well all your provosts, and all saints. The brethren of Italy greet you well.
13:25 Grace with you. Amen.
1. Terence P. Noble