Mark (Wycliffe – 1382)

The Gospel According to Mark
Wycliffe: The Early Version (1382)
1:01 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
1:02 As it is written in Esaias, the prophet, Lo! I send mine angel before thy face, that shall make thy way ready before thee.
1:03 The voice of one crying in desert, Make ye ready the way of the Lord, make ye his paths rightful.
1:04 John was in desert baptizing, and preaching the baptism of penance, into remission of sins.
1:05 And all the country of Judaea went out to him, and all men of Jerusalem; and were baptized of him in the flood of Jordan, acknowledging their sins.
1:06 And John was clothed with hairs of camel, and a girdle of skin about his loins; and he ate locusts, and wild honey,
1:07 and preached, and saying, A stronger than I shall come after me, and I am not worthy to kneel down, and unloose the thong of his shoes.
1:08 I have baptized you in water; but he shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost.
1:09 And it was done in those days, Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan.
1:10 And anon he ascending up of the water, saw heavens opened, and the Spirit coming down as a culver, and dwelling on him.
1:11 And a voice was made from heavens, Thou art my loved Son, in thee I am pleased.
1:12 And anon the Spirit putted out him into desert.
1:13 And he was in desert forty days and forty nights, and was tempted of Satan, and was with beasts, and angels ministered to him.
1:14 But after that John was taken, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God,
1:15 and saying, That the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God shall come nigh; repent ye, and believe ye to the gospel.
1:16 And as he passed beside the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon, and Andrew, his brother, casting their nets into the sea; for they were fishers.
1:17 And Jesus said to them, Come ye after me; and I shall make you to be made fishers of men.
1:18 And anon the nets forsaken, they followed him.
1:19 And he gone forth thence a little, saw James of Zebedee, and John, his brother, and them in the boat making nets.
1:20 And anon he called them; and they left Zebedee, their father, in the boat with hired servants, and they followed him.
1:21 And they went forth into Capernaum, and anon in the sabbaths, he went into the synagogue, and taught them.
1:22 And they wondered on his teaching; for he taught them, as he that had power, and not as the scribes.
1:23 And in the synagogue of them was a man in an unclean spirit, and he cried out,
1:24 saying, What to us and to thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? hast thou come to destroy us? I know that thou art the holy of God.
1:25 And Jesus threatened him, saying, Wax thou dumb, and go out of the man.
1:26 And the unclean spirit wrenching him, and crying with a great voice, went out from him.
1:27 And all men wondered, so that they asked among themselves, saying, What thing is this? what new doctrine is this? for in power he commandeth to unclean spirits, and they obey to him.
1:28 And the tale of him went forth anon into all the country of Galilee.
1:29 And anon they going out of the synagogue came into the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John.
1:30 And the mother of Simon’s wife lay sick in fevers; and anon they say to him of her.
1:31 And he coming to, reared her up, the hand of her taken, and anon the fever left her, and she ministered to them.
1:32 Forsooth the evening made, when the sun went down, they brought to him all having evil, and having devils.
1:33 And all the city was gathered at the gate.
1:34 And he healed many that were travailed with diverse sores, and he cast out many devils, and he suffered them not to speak, for they knew him.
1:35 And in the morrowing full early he rising, and went into a desert place, and prayed there.
1:36 And Simon followed him, and they that were with him.
1:37 And when they had found him, they said to him, That all men seek thee.
1:38 And he said to them, Go we into the next towns and cities, that I preach also there, for thereto I came.
1:39 And he preached in the synagogues of them, and in all Galilee, and casted out fiends.
1:40 And a leprous man came to him, beseeching him, and kneeling, and said, If thou wilt, thou mayest cleanse me.
1:41 Forsooth Jesus, having mercy on him, stretched out his hand, and, touching him, saith to him, I will, be thou made clean.
1:42 And when he had said this, anon the leprosy parted away from him, and he was cleansed.
1:43 And he threatened him, and anon cast him out,
1:44 and saith to him, See thou, say to no man; but go, shew thee to the prince of priests, and offer for thy cleansing those things that Moses bade, into witnessing to them.
1:45 And he went out, and began to preach, and to publish the word, so that now he might not openly enter into the city, but be withoutforth in desert places; and they came to him on all sides.
2:01 And again he entered into Capernaum, after eight days. And it was heard, that he was in an house,
2:02 and many came together, so that it took them not, neither at the gate. And he spake to them the word.
2:03 And there came to him men bringing a sick man in palsy, which was borne of four.
2:04 And when they might not offer him to him for the company of people, they uncovered the roof where he was, and they opened it, and they let down the bed in which the sick man in palsy lay.
2:05 Soothly when Jesus saw the faith of them, he saith to the sick man in palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven to thee.
2:06 But there were some of the scribes sitting, and thinking in their hearts,
2:07 What speaketh he thus? He blasphemeth; who may forgive sins, but God alone?
2:08 And anon when Jesus had known this by the Holy Ghost, that they thought so within themselves, Jesus said to them, What think ye these things in your hearts?
2:09 What is lighter to say to the sick man in palsy, Sins be forgiven to thee, or to say, Rise, take thy bed, and walk?
2:10 But that ye know that man’s Son hath power in earth to forgive sins, he saith to the sick man in palsy,
2:11 I say to thee, rise up, and take thy bed, and go into thine house.
2:12 And anon, he rose up, and, the bed taken up, he went before all men, so that all men wondered, and honoured God, saying, For we saw never so.
2:13 And he went out again to the sea, and all the company of people came to him; and he taught them.
2:14 And when he passed, he saw Levi of Alphaeus sitting at the tollbooth, and he said to him, Follow me. And he rose, and followed him.
2:15 And it was done, when he sat at the meat in his house, many publicans and sinful men sat together at meat with Jesus and his disciples; for there were many that followed him.
2:16 And scribes and Pharisees seeing, that he ate with publicans and sinful men, said to his disciples, Why your master eateth and drinketh with publicans and sinners?
2:17 This thing heard, Jesus saith to them, Whole men have no need to a leech, but they that have evil; for I came not to call just men, but sinners.
2:18 And the disciples of John and the Pharisees were fasting; and they came, and say to him, Why the disciples of John and of Pharisees fast, but thy disciples fast not?
2:19 And Jesus said to them, Whether the sons of the weddings may fast, as long as the spouse is with them? As long time as they have the spouse with them, they may not fast.
2:20 But days shall come, when the spouse shall be taken away from them, and then they shall fast in those days.
2:21 No man seweth a patch of new cloth to an old cloth, else it taketh away the new patch from the old, and a more breaking is made.
2:22 And no man putteth new wine into old bottles, else the wine shall burst the bottles, and the wine shall be poured out, and the bottles shall perish. But new wine oweth to be put into new wine vessels.
2:23 And it was done again, when the Lord walked in the sabbaths by the corns, and his disciples began to go forth, and to pluck ears of the corn.
2:24 And the Pharisees said to him, Lo! what do thy disciples in sabbaths, the thing that is not leaveful?
2:25 And he said to them, Read ye never what David did, when he had need, and he hungered, and they that were with him?
2:26 How he went into the house of God, under Abiathar, prince of priests, and ate loaves of proposition, which it was not leaveful to eat, but to priests alone, and he gave to them that were with him.
2:27 And he said to them, The sabbath is made for man, and not man for the sabbath;
2:28 and so man’s Son is Lord also of the sabbath.
3:01 And he entered again into the synagogue, and there was a man having a dry hand.
3:02 And they espied him, if he healed in the sabbaths, that they should accuse him.
3:03 And he saith to the man having a dry hand, Rise thou into the midst.
3:04 And he saith to them, Is it leaveful to do well in the sabbaths, or evil? to make a soul safe, or to lose? And they were still.
3:05 And he beheld them about with wrath, having sorrow upon the blindness of their heart, and saith to the man, Hold forth thine hand. And he held forth, and his hand was restored to him.
3:06 Soothly the Pharisees went out anon, and made a counsel with Herodians against him, how they should lose him.
3:07 But Jesus with his disciples went to the sea; and much company from Galilee and from Judaea followed him,
3:08 and from Jerusalem, and from Idumaea, and from beyond Jordan, and they that were about Tyre and Sidon, a great multitude, hearing the things that he did, came to him.
3:09 And Jesus said to his disciples, that the little boat should serve him, for the company of people, lest they oppressed him;
3:10 for he healed many, so that they felled fast to him, to touch him. Forsooth how many ever had sores,
3:11 and unclean spirits, when they saw him, felled down to him, and cried, saying, Thou art the Son of God.
3:12 And greatly he menaced them, that they should not make him known.
3:13 And he ascending to an hill, and called to him whom he would; and they came to him.
3:14 And he made, that twelve were with him, and that he should send them for to preach.
3:15 And he gave to them power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out fiends.
3:16 And to Simon he gave a name, Peter,
3:17 and James of Zebedee and John, the brother of James, and he gave to them names Boanerges, that is, the sons of thunder.
3:18 And Andrew and Philip, and Bartholomew and Matthew, and Thomas and James of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus, and Simon Canaanite,
3:19 and Judas Iscariot, that betrayed him. And they came to an house,
3:20 and the company of people came together again, so that they might neither eat bread.
3:21 And when his kinsmen had heard, they went out to hold him; for they said, That he is turned into madness.
3:22 And the scribes that came down from Jerusalem, said, That he hath Beelzebub, and that in the prince of devils he casteth out fiends.
3:23 And he called them together, and he said to them in parables, How may Satan cast out Satan?
3:24 And if a realm be parted against itself, that realm may not stand.
3:25 And if an house be parted against itself, that house may not stand.
3:26 And if Satan hath risen against himself, he is parted, and he shall not be able to stand, but hath an end.
3:27 No man may go into a strong man’s house, and take away his vessels, but he bind first the strong man, and then he shall spoil his house.
3:28 Truly I say to you, that all sins and blasphemies, by which they have blasphemed, shall be forgiven to the sons of men.
3:29 Soothly he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, hath not remission into without end, but he shall be guilty of everlasting trespass.
3:30 For they said, He hath an unclean spirit.
3:31 And his mother and brethren come, and standing withoutforth, sent to him, calling him.
3:32 And the company sat about him; and they said to him, Lo! thy mother and thy brethren withoutforth seek thee.
3:33 And he answered to them, and said, Who is my mother and my brethren?
3:34 And he beheld them that sat about him, and said, Lo! my mother and my brethren.
3:35 For who that doeth the will of God, he is my brother, and my sister, and mother.
4:01 And again Jesus began to teach at the sea; and much company of people was gathered to him, so that he went into a boat, and sat in the sea, and all the company of people was about the sea on the land.
4:02 And he taught them in parables many things. And he said to them in his teaching,
4:03 Hear ye. Lo! a sower went out to sow.
4:04 And the while he soweth, some seed felled beside the way, and birds of heaven came, and ate it.
4:05 Forsooth another felled down on stony places, where it had not much earth; and anon it sprang up, for it had no deepness of earth.
4:06 And when the sun rose up, it withered for heat, and it dried up, for it had no root.
4:07 And another felled down among thorns, and the thorns sprang up, and strangled it, and it gave no fruit.
4:08 And other felled down into good land, and gave fruit, springing up, and waxing; and one brought thirtyfold, and one sixtyfold, and one an hundredfold.
4:09 And he said, He that hath ears to hear, hear.
4:10 And when he was by himself, the twelve that were with him asked him to expound the parable.
4:11 And he said to them, To you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God. But to them that be withoutforth, all things be made in parables,
4:12 that they seeing see, and see not, and they hearing hear, and understand not; that sometime they be converted, and sins be forgiven to them.
4:13 And he said to them, Know not ye this parable? and how ye shall know all parables?
4:14 He that soweth, soweth a word.
4:15 But these it be that be about the way, where the word is sown; and when they have heard, anon cometh Satan, and taketh away the word that is sown in their hearts.
4:16 And in like manner these it be that be sown on stony places, which when they have heard the word, anon take it with joy;
4:17 and they have not root in themselves, but they be temporal; afterward when tribulation and persecution riseth for the word, anon they be offended.
4:18 And there be others that be sown in thorns; these it be that hear the word,
4:19 and mis-eases of the world, and deceit of riches, and other charge of covetousness entering in, strangle the word, and it is made without fruit.
4:20 And these it be that be sown on good land, which hear the word, and take, and make fruit, one thirtyfold, and one sixtyfold, and one an hundredfold.
4:21 And he said to them, Whether a lantern come, that it be put under a bushel, or under a bed? whether not, that it be put upon a candlestick?
4:22 Forsooth there is nothing hid, that shall not be shewed; neither any thing is privy, which shall not come into apert.
4:23 If any man have ears of hearing, hear he.
4:24 And he said to them, See ye what ye hear. In what measure ye mete, it shall be meted to you, and it shall be cast to you.
4:25 Forsooth it shall be given to him that hath, and if man hath not, yea this that he hath shall be taken away from him.
4:26 And he said, So the kingdom of God is, as if a man cast seed into the earth,
4:27 and it sleep, and rise up in night and day, and bring forth seed, and wax fast, while he knoweth not.
4:28 For the earth by his own working maketh fruit, first the grass, afterward the ear, afterward full fruit in the ear.
4:29 And when of itself it hath brought forth fruit, anon he sendeth a sickle, for reaping time is come.
4:30 And he said, To what thing shall we liken the kingdom of God? or to what parable shall we comparison it?
4:31 As a corn of mustard seed, which when it is sown in the earth, is less than all seeds that be in the earth;
4:32 and when it is sown, it waxeth into a tree, and is made more than all worts; and it maketh great branches, so that the birds of heaven may be able to dwell under the shadow thereof.
4:33 And in many such parables he spake to them the word, as they might hear;
4:34 and he spake not to them without parable. Forsooth he expounded to his disciples all things on sides hand.
4:35 And he saith to them in that day, when evening was made, Pass we again-ward.
4:36 And they leaving the company of people, took him, so that he was in the boat; and other boats were with him.
4:37 And there was made a great tempest of wind, and sent floods into the ship, so that the ship was full-filled.
4:38 And he was in the hinder part of the ship, sleeping on a pillow. And they raise him, and say to him, Master, pertaineth it not to thee, that we perish?
4:39 And he rose up, and menaced the wind, and said to the sea, Be still, wax dumb. And the wind ceased, and great peaceableness was made.
4:40 And he said to them, What be ye dread-full? Not yet have ye faith?
4:41 And they dreaded with great dread, and said each to other, Who, guessest thou, is this? for the wind and the sea obey to him.
5:01 And they came over the sea into the country of Gadarenes.
5:02 And after that he was gone out of the boat, anon a man in an unclean spirit ran out of the burials to him.
5:03 That had an house in graves, and neither with chains now might any man bind him.
5:04 For oft he was bound in stocks and chains, and he had broken the chains, and had broken the stocks to small gobbets, and no man might daunt him.
5:05 And ever, night and day, in burials and in hills, he was crying and beating himself with stones.
5:06 And he saw Jesus afar, and ran, and worshipped him.
5:07 And he cried with great voice, and said, What to me and to thee, thou Jesus, the Son of the highest God? I conjure thee by God, that thou torment me not.
5:08 And Jesus said to him, Thou unclean spirit, go out from the man.
5:09 And Jesus asked him, What is thy name? And he saith to him, A legion is my name; for we be many.
5:10 And he prayed him much, that he should not cast him out of the country.
5:11 And there was there about the hill a great drove of hogs pasturing.
5:12 And the spirits prayed him, saying, Send us into the swine, that we enter into them.
5:13 And anon Jesus granted to them. And the unclean spirits went out, and entered into the swine, and with great rush, the drove was cast down into the sea, unto two thousand, and they were strangled in the sea.
5:14 Soothly they that fed them, fled, and told into the city, and into the fields; and they went out, to see what was done.
5:15 And they came to Jesus, and they see him that was travailed of the fiend, sitting clothed, and of whole mind; and they dreaded.
5:16 And they told to them, that saw, how it was done to him that had a fiend, and of the swine.
5:17 And they began to pray him, that he should go away out of their coasts.
5:18 And when he went up into a boat, he that was travailed of the devil, began to pray him, that he should be with him.
5:19 But Jesus received him not, but saith to him, Go thou into thine house to thine, and tell to them, how great things the Lord hath done to thee, and had mercy of thee.
5:20 And he went forth, and began to preach in Decapolis, how great things Jesus had done to him; and all men wondered.
5:21 And when Jesus had gone up into the boat again over the sea, much people came together to him, and was about the sea.
5:22 And one of the princes of the synagogues, by name Jairus, came, and saw him, and he fell down at his feet,
5:23 and prayed him much saying, For my daughter is in the last things; come thou, put thine hand on her, that she be safe, and live.
5:24 And Jesus went forth with him, and much company of people followed him, and oppressed him.
5:25 And a woman that was in the flux of blood twelve years,
5:26 and had suffered many things of full many leeches, and spended all her things, and nothing profited, but was rather the worse,
5:27 when she had heard of Jesus, she came in the company behind, and touched his cloth.
5:28 Soothly she said, For if I shall touch yea his cloth, I shall be safe.
5:29 And anon the well of her blood was dried up, and she feeled in the body that she was healed of the sickness.
5:30 And anon Jesus knowing in himself the virtue that had gone out of him, he, turned to the company, saith, Who touched my clothes?
5:31 And his disciples said to him, Thou seest the company pressing thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?
5:32 And Jesus looked about to see her that had done this thing.
5:33 Forsooth the woman dreading and trembling, witting that it was done in her, came, and fell down before him, and said to him all the truth.
5:34 And Jesus said to her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee safe; go in peace, and be thou whole of thy sickness.
5:35 Yet while he spake, messengers came to the prince of the synagogue, and saying, Thy daughter is dead; what travailest thou the master further?
5:36 But when the word was heard that was said, Jesus saith to the prince of the synagogue, Do not thou dread, only believe thou.
5:37 And he received not any man to follow him, but Peter, and James, and John, the brother of James.
5:38 And they came into the house of the prince of the synagogue. And he saw noise, and men weeping and wailing much.
5:39 And he gone in, saith to them, What be ye troubled, and weep? The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.
5:40 And they scorned him. But when all were put out, he taketh the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were with him, and they enter in, where the damsel lay.
5:41 And he held the hand of the damsel, and said to her, Talitha, cumi, that is interpreted, Damsel, I say to thee, arise.
5:42 And anon the damsel rose, and walked; and she was of twelve years. And they were abashed with a great astonishing.
5:43 And he commanded to them greatly, that no man should know it. And he commanded to give to her for to eat.
6:01 And he went out from thence, and went into his own country; and his disciples followed him.
6:02 And the sabbath made, he began to teach in a synagogue. And many hearing wondered in his teaching, saying, Of whence be all these things to this man? and what is the wisdom which is given to him, and such virtues that be made by his hands?
6:03 Whether this is not the smith, the son of Mary, the brother of James and of Joseph and of Judas and of Simon? whether and his sisters be not here with us? And they were offended in him.
6:04 And Jesus said to them, That a prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his kin, and in his house.
6:05 And he might not do there any virtue, save that he healed a few sick men, laying on them his hands.
6:06 And he wondered for the unbelief of them. And he went about castles in compass, teaching.
6:07 And he called together twelve, and began to send them by twain and twain; and gave to them power of unclean spirits,
6:08 and commanded them, that they should not take any thing in the way, but a rod only, not a scrip, not bread, neither money in the girdle,
6:09 but shod with sandals, and that they should not be clothed with two coats.
6:10 And he said to them, Where ever ye enter into an house, dwell ye there, till ye go out from thence.
6:11 And whoever shall not receive, nor hear you, go ye out from thence, and shake away the powder from your feet, into witnessing to them.
6:12 And they going out, preached, that men should do penance.
6:13 And they cast out many fiends, and anointed with oil many sick men, and they were healed.
6:14 And king Herod heard, for his name was made open, and he said, For John Baptist hath risen again from dead men, and therefore virtues work in him.
6:15 Others said, That it is Elias; but others said, That it is a prophet, as one of the prophets.
6:16 And when this thing was heard, Herod said, This is John, whom I have beheaded, this hath risen from dead men.
6:17 For that Herod sent, and held John, and bound him into prison, for Herodias, the wife of Philip, his brother; for he had wedded her.
6:18 For John said to Herod, It is not leaveful to thee, to have the wife of thy brother.
6:19 Herodias forsooth setted treason to him, and would slay him, and might not.
6:20 Soothly Herod dreaded John, witting him a just man and holy, and kept him. And him heard, he did many things, and heard him gladly.
6:21 And when a covenable day had fallen, Herod in his birthday made a supper to the princes, and tribunes, and to the first of Galilee.
6:22 And when the daughter of that Herodias was come in, and danced, and pleased Herod, and also men sitting at the meat, the king said to the damsel, Ask thou of me what thou wilt, and I shall give to thee.
6:23 And he swore to her, That whatever thou shalt ask, I shall give to thee, though it be the half of my kingdom.
6:24 And when she had gone out, she said to her mother, What shall I ask? And she said, The head of John the Baptist.
6:25 And when she had gone out, she said to her mother, What shall I ask? And she said, The head of John the Baptist.
6:26 And the king was sorry for the oath, and for men sitting together at the meat he would not make her heavy;
6:27 but a man-queller sent, he commanded the head of John Baptist to be brought. And he beheaded him in the prison,
6:28 and brought his head in a dish, and gave it to the damsel, and the damsel gave it to her mother.
6:29 And when this thing was heard, his disciples came, and took his body, and laid it in a burial.
6:30 And the apostles coming together to Jesus, told him all things, that they had done, and taught.
6:31 And he said to them, Come ye by yourselves into a desert place; and rest ye a little. For there were many that came, and went again, and they had not space for to eat.
6:32 And they went into a boat, and went into a desert place by themselves.
6:33 And they saw them going away, and many knew, and they went afoot from all cities, and ran together thither, and came before them.
6:34 And Jesus going out saw much people, and had mercy on them, for they were as sheep not having a shepherd. And he began to teach them many things.
6:35 And when it was late in the day, his disciples came to him, and said, This is a desert place, and now the hour hath passed;
6:36 leave them, that they going into the next towns and villages, buy to them meats that they shall eat.
6:37 And he answered, and said to them, Give ye to them for to eat. And they said to him, Go we, and buy we loaves with two hundred pence, and we shall give them for to eat.
6:38 And he saith to them, How many loaves have ye? Go ye, and see. And when they had known, they say, Five, and two fishes.
6:39 And he commanded to them, that they should make all men sit to meat by companies, upon green hay.
6:40 And they sat down by parties, by hundreds, and by fifties.
6:41 And when he had taken the five loaves, and two fishes, he beheld into heaven, and blessed, and brake the loaves, and gave to his disciples, that they should set before them. And he parted two fishes to all;
6:42 and all men ate, and were filled.
6:43 And they took the reliefs of broken meat, twelve coffins full, and of the fishes.
6:44 And they that ate, were five thousand of men.
6:45 And anon he constrained his disciples to ascend into a boat, that they should go before him over the sea to Bethsaida, while he left the people.
6:46 And when he had left them, he went into an high hill, to pray.
6:47 And when evening was made, the boat was in the midst of the sea, and he alone in the land;
6:48 and he saw them travailing in rowing; for the wind was contrary to them. And about the fourth waking of the night, he wandering on the sea, came to them, and would pass them.
6:49 And as they saw him wandering on the sea, they guessed that it were a phantom, and cried out;
6:50 for all saw him, and were troubled. And anon he spake with them, and said to them, Trust ye, I am; do not ye dread.
6:51 And he came up to them into the boat, and the wind ceased. And they more wondered within themselves;
6:52 for they understood not of the loaves; for their heart was blinded.
6:53 And when they had passed over the sea, they came into the land of Gennesaret, and set to land.
6:54 And when they were gone out of the boat, anon they knew him.
6:55 And they running through all that country, began to bear about in beds them that had evil, where they heard him to be.
6:56 And whither ever he entered into villages, or into towns, or into cities, they put sick men in streets, and prayed him, that they should touch namely the hem of his cloth; and how many that touched him, were made safe.
7:01 And the Pharisees and some of the scribes coming from Jerusalem, came together to him.
7:02 And when they had seen some of his disciples eat bread with unwashen hands, they blamed them.
7:03 For the Pharisees and all the Jews eat not, but they wash oft their hands, holding the traditions of elder men.
7:04 And when they turn again from the market, they eat not, but they be washed; and many other things there be, that be taken to them to keep, washings of cups and cruets, and of vessels of brass, and of beds.
7:05 And Pharisees and scribes asked him, and saying, Why go not thy disciples after the tradition of elder men, but with unwashen hands they eat bread?
7:06 And he answered, and said to them, Esaias prophesied well of you, hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with lips, but their heart is far from me;
7:07 in vain truly they worship me, teaching the doctrines and commandments of men.
7:08 Forsooth ye forsaking the commandment of God, hold the traditions of men, washings of cruets, and cups; and many other things like to these ye do.
7:09 And he said to them, Well ye have made the commandment of God void, that ye keep your tradition.
7:10 For Moses said, Honour thou thy father and thy mother; and he that curseth father or mother, die he by death.
7:11 But ye say, If a man shall say to father or mother, Corban, that is, Whatever gift is of me, it shall profit to thee;
7:12 and further ye suffer not him to do any thing to father or mother,
7:13 breaking the word of God by your tradition, which ye have given; and ye do many other such things.
7:14 And he again called the people, and said to them, Ye all hear me, and understand.
7:15 Nothing without man is entering into him, that may defoul him; but those things that come forth of a man, those it be that defoul a man.
7:16 Forsooth if any man have ears to hear, hear he.
7:17 And when he was entered into an house, from the people, his disciples asked him the parable.
7:18 And he saith to them, So Ye be unwise also. Understand ye not, that all things withoutforth that entereth into a man, may not defoul him?
7:19 for it hath not entered into his heart, but into the womb, and beneath it goeth out, purging all meats.
7:20 But he said, The things that go out of a man, those defoul a man.
7:21 For from within, of the heart of men come forth evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, manslayings,
7:22 thefts, covetousness, wickednesses, guile, unchastity, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, folly.
7:23 All these evils come forth from within, and defoul a man,
7:24 And Jesus rose up from thence, and went into the ends of Tyre and Sidon. And he gone into an house, would that no man know; and he might not be hid.
7:25 For a woman, anon as she heard of him, whose daughter had an unclean spirit, entered, and fell down at his feet.
7:26 And the woman was heathen, of the generation of Syrophenician. And she prayed him, that he would cast out a devil of her daughter.
7:27 And he said to her, Suffer thou, that the sons be filled first; for it is not good to take the bread of children, and give it to hounds.
7:28 And she answered, and said to him, Yes, Lord; for little whelps eat under the board, of the crumbs of children.
7:29 And he said to her, For this word go, the fiend went out of thy daughter.
7:30 And when she had gone home, she found the damsel lying on the bed, and the devil gone out from her.
7:31 And again Jesus going out from the ends of Tyre, came through Sidon to the sea of Galilee, between the middle of the coasts of Decapolis.
7:32 And they bring to him a man deaf and dumb, and prayed him, that he put to him the hand.
7:33 And he taking him aside from the company, put his fingers into his ears; and he spat, and touched his tongue.
7:34 And he beholding into heaven, sorrowed within, and saith to him, Ephphatha, that is, Be thou opened.
7:35 And anon his ears were opened, and the band of his tongue was unbound, and he spake rightly.
7:36 And he commanded to them, that they should say to no man; but how much he commanded to them, so much the more they preached more,
7:37 and by so much the more they wondered, and saying, He did well all things, both he hath made deaf men to hear, and dumb men to speak.
8:01 In those days, when much company of people was with Jesus, and had not what they should eat, when his disciples were called together, he saith to them,
8:02 I have ruth on the company of people, for lo! now by three days they sustain me, and have not what they shall eat;
8:03 and if I leave them fasting into their houses, they shall fail in the way; for some of them came from far.
8:04 And his disciples answered to him, Whereof shall a man be able to fill them with loaves here in wilderness?
8:05 And he asked them, How many loaves have ye? Which said, Seven.
8:06 And he commanded the people to sit down on the earth. And he took the seven loaves, and did thankings, and brake, and gave to his disciples, that they should set forth. And they set forth to the company.
8:07 And they had a few small fishes; and he blessed them, and commanded to be set forth.
8:08 And they ate, and were filled; and they took up that left of reliefs, seven baskets.
8:09 And they that ate, were as four thousand of men; and he left them.
8:10 And anon he went up into a boat, with his disciples, and came into the parts of Dalmanutha.
8:11 And Pharisees went out, and began to dispute with him, seeking a token of him from heaven, tempting him.
8:12 And he sorrowing within in spirit, saith, What seeketh this generation a sign? Truly I say to you, a sign shall not be given to this generation.
8:13 And he left them, and went up again into a boat, and went over the sea.
8:14 And they forgot to take bread, and they had not with them but one loaf in the boat.
8:15 And he commanded them, saying, See ye, and beware of the sourdough of the Pharisees, and of the sourdough of Herod.
8:16 And they thought one to another, saying, For we have not bread.
8:17 And when this thing was known, Jesus saith to them, What think ye, for ye have not bread? Yet ye know not, neither understand; yet ye have your heart blinded.
8:18 Ye having eyes, see not, and ye having ears, hear not; neither ye have mind,
8:19 when I brake five loaves among five thousand, how many coffins full of broken meat took ye up? They say to him, Twelve.
8:20 When also seven loaves into four thousand, how many baskets full of reliefs took ye up? And they said, Seven.
8:21 And he said to them, How understand ye not yet?
8:22 And they come to Bethsaida, and they bring to him a blind man, and prayed him, that he should touch him.
8:23 And when he had taken the blind man’s hand, he led him out of the street, and he spat into his eyes, and put his hands on him; he asked him, if he saw any thing.
8:24 And he beheld, and said, I see men as trees walking.
8:25 Afterward again he put hands on his eyes, and he began to see, and he was restored, so that he saw clearly all things.
8:26 And he sent him into his house, saying, Go into thine house; and if thou goest into the street, say to no man.
8:27 And Jesus entered in and his disciples into the castles of Caesarea of Philippi. And in the way he asked his disciples, saying to them, Whom say men that I am?
8:28 Which answered to him, saying, Some say, John Baptist; others say, Elias; but others say, as one of the prophets.
8:29 Then he saith to them, But whom say ye that I am? Peter answering, saith to him, Thou art Christ.
8:30 And he threatened them that they should not say to any man of him.
8:31 And he began to teach them, that it behooveth man’s Son to suffer many things, and to be reproved of the elder men, and of the highest priests, and scribes, and to be slain, and after three days, to rise again.
8:32 And he spake openly the word. And Peter taking him, began to blame him.
8:33 And he turned, and saw his disciples, and menaced Peter, saying, Go after me, thou Satan; for thou understandest not those things that be of God, but those things that be of men.
8:34 And when the people was called together, with his disciples, he said to them, If any man will come after me, deny he himself, and take his cross, and follow me.
8:35 Soothly whoso will make his soul safe, he shall lose it; forsooth he that shall lose his soul for me and the gospel, shall make it safe.
8:36 Soothly what shall it profit to a man, if he win all the world, and do impairing to his own soul?
8:37 or what changing shall a man give for his soul?
8:38 Forsooth who that shall acknowledge me and my words in this generation adulterous and sinful, also man’s Son shall acknowledge him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father, with his angels.
9:01 And he said to them, Truly I say to you, for there be some of men standing here, which shall not taste the death, till they see the realm of God coming in virtue.
9:02 And after six days Jesus took Peter, and James, and John, and leadeth them by themselves alone into an high hill; and he was transfigured before them.
9:03 And his clothes be made shining and white full much as snow, what manner clothes a fuller may not make white on earth.
9:04 And Elias with Moses appeared to them, and they were speaking with Jesus.
9:05 And Peter answered, and said to Jesus, it good us for to be here; and make we here three tabernacles, one to thee, one to Moses, and one to Elias.
9:06 Soothly he wist not what he should say; for they were afeared by dread.
9:07 And there was made a cloud overshadowing them; and a voice came out of the cloud, saying, This is my most dear-worthy Son, hear ye him.
9:08 And anon they beheld about, and saw no more any man, but Jesus only with them.
9:09 And when they came down from the hill, he commanded them, that they should not tell to any man those things that they had seen, no but when man’s Son hath risen from dead.
9:10 And they held the word at themselves, seeking what this should be, when he hath risen from dead.
9:11 And they asked him, saying, What then say the Pharisees and the scribes, that it behooveth Elias to come first.
9:12 And he answered, and said to them, When Elias shall come first, he shall restore all things; and how it is written of man’s Son, that he suffer many things, and be despised.
9:13 But I say to you, also Elias is come, and they did to him whatever things they would, as it is written of him.
9:14 And he coming to his disciples, saw a great company about them, and scribes asking with them.
9:15 And anon all the people seeing Jesus, was astonished, and they dreaded; and they running to, greeted him.
9:16 And he asked them, What seek ye among you?
9:17 And one of the company answered, and said, Master, I have brought to thee my son, that hath a dumb spirit;
9:18 and where ever he taketh him, he hurtleth him down, and he foameth, and beateth together with teeth, and waxeth dry. And I said to thy disciples, that they should cast him out, and they might not.
9:19 The which answering to them said, O! thou generation unbelieveful, how long shall I be among you, how long shall I suffer you? Bring ye him to me.
9:20 And they brought him to. And when he had seen him, anon the spirit troubled him; and he cast down into the earth, was wallowed foaming.
9:21 And he asked his father, How much time is it, since this thing befelled to him? And he said, From childhood;
9:22 and oft he hath sent him into the fire and into waters, that he should lose him; but if thou mayest any thing, help us, and have mercy on us.
9:23 And Jesus said to him, If thou mayest believe, all things be possible to a man that believeth.
9:24 And anon the father of the child cried with tears, and said, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.
9:25 And when Jesus had seen the people running together, he menaced the unclean spirit, saying to him, Thou deaf and dumb spirit, I command thee, go out from him, and enter no more into him.
9:26 And he crying, and much wrenching him, went out from him; and he was made as dead, so that many said, that he was dead.
9:27 And Jesus held his hand, and lifted him up; and he rose.
9:28 And when he had entered into an house, his disciples asked him privily, Why might not we cast him out?
9:29 And he said to them, This kind may not go out in any thing, but in prayer and fasting.
9:30 And they went from thence, and went forth into Galilee; and he would not that any man know.
9:31 And he taught his disciples, and said to them, For man’s Son shall be betrayed into the hands of men, and they shall slay him, and he slain shall rise again on the third day.
9:32 And they knew not the word, and dreaded to ask him.
9:33 And they came to Capernaum. And when they were in the house, he asked them, What treated ye in the way?
9:34 And they were still; for they disputed among themselves in the way, who of them should be the greatest.
9:35 And he sat, and called the twelve, and saith to them, If any man will be the first among you, he shall be the last of all, and minister of all.
9:36 And he took a child, and set him in the midst of them; and when he had embraced him, he said to them,
9:37 Whoever shall receive one of such children in my name, he receiveth me; and whoever receiveth me, he receiveth not me alone, but him that sent me.
9:38 John answered to him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out fiends in thy name, which followeth not us, and we have forbidden him.
9:39 And Jesus said, Do not ye forbid him; for there is no man that doeth virtue in my name, and may soon speak evil of me.
9:40 Forsooth He that is not against us, is for us.
9:41 Soothly whoever shall give drink to you a cup of cold water in my name, for ye be of Christ, truly I say to you, he shall not lose his meed.
9:42 And whoever shall offend one of these little believing in me, it is good to him that a millstone of asses were done about his neck, and were sent into the sea.
9:43 And if thine hand offend thee, cut it away; it is good to thee feeble to enter into life, than having two hands to go into hell, into fire unquenchable,
9:44 where the worm of them dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.
9:45 And if thy foot offend thee, cut it off; it is better to thee to enter crooked into everlasting life, than having two feet to be sent into hell fire, unquenchable,
9:46 where the worm of them dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.
9:47 That if thine eye offend thee, cast it out; it is better to thee to enter goggle-eyed into the realm of God, than having two eyes to be sent into hell fire,
9:48 where the worm of them dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.
9:49 Forsooth every man shall be salted with fire, and every slain sacrifice shall be salted with salt.
9:50 Salt is good; that if salt be unsavoury, in what thing shall ye make it savoury? Have ye salt in you, and have peace among you.
10:01 And Jesus rose up from thence, and came into the coasts of Judaea beyond Jordan; and again the people came together to him, and as he was wont, again he taught them.
10:02 And Pharisees coming nigh, asked him, If it is leaveful to a man to leave his wife? tempting him.
10:03 And he answered, and said to them, What commanded Moses to you?
10:04 And they said, Moses suffered to write a libel of forsaking, and to forsake.
10:05 And Jesus answered, and said to them, To the hardness of your heart Moses wrote to you this precept.
10:06 But from the beginning of creature God made them male and female;
10:07 and said, For this thing a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife,
10:08 and they shall be two in one flesh. And so now they be not two, but one flesh.
10:09 Therefore that thing that God hath joined together, no man part.
10:10 And again in the house his disciples asked him of the same thing.
10:11 And he saith to them, Whoever shall leave his wife, and wed another, he doeth adultery upon her.
10:12 And if the wife shall leave her husband, and be wedded to another, she doeth adultery.
10:13 And they brought to him little children, that he should touch them; and the disciples threatened the men, that brought them.
10:14 And when Jesus had seen them, he bare heavy, and said to them, Suffer the little children to come to me, and forbid ye them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.
10:15 Truly I say to you, whoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter into it.
10:16 And he embracing them, and putting hands upon them, blessed them.
10:17 And when Jesus was gone out into the way, one man running before, and the knee bowed, prayed him, and said, Good master, what shall I do, that I receive everlasting life?
10:18 Forsooth Jesus said to him, What sayest thou me good? None is good, no but one God.
10:19 Thou knowest the commandments, do thou none adultery, slay not, steal not, say not false witnessing, do no fraud, worship thy father and mother.
10:20 And he answered, and said to him, Master, I have kept all these things from my youth.
10:21 Soothly Jesus beholding him loved him, and said to him, One thing faileth to thee; go thou, sell whatever things thou hast, and give to poor men, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, and follow thou me.
10:22 The which made sorrowful in the word, went away mourning, for he had many possessions.
10:23 And Jesus beholding about, saith to his disciples, How hard they that have riches shall enter into the kingdom of God.
10:24 And the disciples were astonished in his words. And Jesus again answering saith to them, Little sons, how hard is it, that men trusting in riches to enter into the kingdom of God.
10:25 It is easier that a camel pass through a needle’s eye, than that a rich man enter into the realm of God.
10:26 And they wondered more, saying at themselves, And who may be saved?
10:27 And Jesus beholding them, saith to them, With men it is impossible, but not with God; for all things be possible with God.
10:28 And Peter began to say to him, Lo! we have left all things, and have followed thee.
10:29 Jesus answered, and said, Truly I say to you, there is no man that leaveth house, or brethren, or sistren, or father, or mother, or children, or fields for me and for the gospel,
10:30 which shall not take an hundredfold so much now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sistren, and mothers, and children, and fields, with persecutions, and in the world to come everlasting life.
10:31 But many shall be, the first the last, and the last the first.
10:32 And they were in the way going up to Jerusalem; and Jesus went before them, and they wondered, and they followed, and dreaded. And again Jesus took the twelve, and began to say to them, what things were to come to him.
10:33 For lo! we ascend to Jerusalem, and man’s Son shall be betrayed to the princes of priests, and to the scribes, and to the elder men; and they shall condemn him by death, and they shall betake him to heathen men.
10:34 And they shall scorn him, and they shall bespit him, and they shall beat him; and they shall slay him, and in the third day he shall rise again.
10:35 And James and John, Zebedee’s sons, came to him, saying, Master, we will, that whatever we shall ask, thou do to us.
10:36 And he said to them, What will ye that I do to you?
10:37 And they said, Grant to us, that we sit the one on thy right half, and the other at thy left half, in thy glory.
10:38 And Jesus said to them, Ye know not what ye ask; be ye able to drink the cup, which I drink, or be washed with the baptism, in which I am baptized?
10:39 And they said to him, We be able. And Jesus said to them, Truly Ye shall drink the cup that I drink, and ye shall be washed with the baptism, in which I am baptized;
10:40 but to sit at my right half or left half is not mine to give to you, but to whom it is made ready.
10:41 And the ten heard, and began to have indignation of James and John.
10:42 Soothly Jesus calling them, saith to them, Ye know, that they that seem to have princehood on folks, lordship of them, and the princes of them have power of them.
10:43 But it is not so among you, but whoever will be made the greater, shall be your minister;
10:44 and whoever will be the first among you, shall be servant of all.
10:45 For why man’s Son came not, that it should be ministered to him, but that he should minister, and give his life redemption for many.
10:46 And they came to Jericho; and him going out from Jericho, and his disciples, and a full much company of people, the son of Timaeus, Bartimaeus, blind, sat beside the way, begging.
10:47 And when he heard, that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry, and say, Jesus, the son of David, have mercy on me.
10:48 And many threatened him, that he should be still; and he cried much the more, Jesus, the son of David, have mercy on me.
10:49 And Jesus stood, and commanded him to be called; and they call the blind man, saying to him, Be thou of better heart, rise up, he calleth thee.
10:50 And he cast away his cloth, and skipped, and came to him.
10:51 And Jesus answered, and said to him, What wilt thou, that I shall do to thee? The blind man said to him, Master, that I see.
10:52 Jesus said to him, Go thou, thy faith hath made thee safe. And anon he saw, and followed him in the way.
11:01 And when Jesus came nigh to Jerusalem and to Bethany, at the mount of Olives, he sent two of his disciples,
11:02 and saith to them, Go ye into the castle that is against you; and anon ye entering in thither shall find a colt tied, upon which none of men sat yet; untie ye, and bring him.
11:03 And if any man say any thing to you, What do ye? say ye, that he is needful to the Lord, and anon he shall leave him hither.
11:04 And they went forth, and found a colt tied before the gate withoutforth, in the meeting of two ways; and they untied him.
11:05 And some of them that stood there said to them, What do ye, untying the colt?
11:06 And they said to them, as Jesus commanded them; and they let go to them.
11:07 And they brought the colt to Jesus, and they put on him their clothes, and Jesus sat upon him.
11:08 And many strewed their clothes in the way, soothly other men cut bows from trees, and strewed in the way.
11:09 And they that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna, blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord;
11:10 blessed is the realm of our father David that cometh; Hosanna in highest.
11:11 And he entered into Jerusalem, into the temple; and when he had seen all things about, when the hour was now evening, he went out into Bethany, with the twelve.
11:12 And another day, when he went out from Bethany, he hungered.
11:13 And when he had seen a fig tree afar having leaves, he came, if haply he should find any thing thereon; and when he came to it, he found nothing, except leaves; for it was not time of figs.
11:14 And Jesus answered and said to it, Now no more without end any man eat fruit of thee. And his disciples heard;
11:15 and they come to Jerusalem. And when he had entered into the temple, he began to cast out men selling and buying in the temple; and he turned upside-down the boards of changers, and the chairs of men that sold culvers;
11:16 and he suffered not, that any man should bear a vessel through the temple.
11:17 And he taught them, saying, Whether it is not written, For mine house shall be called the house of prayer to all folks? but ye have made it a den of thieves.
11:18 And when this thing was heard, the princes of priests and the scribes sought how they should lose him; for they dreaded him, for all the people wondered on his teaching.
11:19 And when evening was come, he went out of the city.
11:20 And when they passed early, they saw the fig tree made dry from the roots.
11:21 And Peter having mind, said to him, Master, lo! the fig tree, which thou cursedst, hath dried up.
11:22 And Jesus answered and said to them, Have ye the faith of God;
11:23 truly I say to you, that whoever saith to this hill, Be thou taken, and be thou cast into the sea; and doubt not in his heart, but believeth, for whatever thing he saith, shall be done, it shall be done to him.
11:24 Therefore I say to you, all things whatever things ye praying shall ask, believe ye that ye shall take, and they shall come to you.
11:25 And when ye shall stand to pray, forgive ye, if ye have any thing against any man, that also your Father that is in heavens, forgive to you your sins.
11:26 For if ye forgive not, neither your Father which is in heavens, shall forgive you your sins.
11:27 And again they come to Jerusalem. And when he walked into the temple, the highest priests, and scribes, and elder men come nigh to him,
11:28 and say to him, In what power doest thou these things? or who gave to thee this power, that to do these things?
11:29 Jesus answered and said to them, And I shall ask of you one word, and answer ye to me, and I shall say to you in what power I do these things.
11:30 Whether was the baptism of John of heaven, or of men? answer ye to me.
11:31 And they thought within themselves, saying, If we shall say of heaven, he shall say to us, Why therefore believed ye not to him;
11:32 if we shall say of men, we dread the people; for all men had John, that he was verily a prophet.
11:33 And they answered, and said to Jesus, We know not. And Jesus answering saith to them, Neither I say to you, in what power I do these things.
12:01 And Jesus began to speak to them in parables. A man planted a vineyard, and set an hedge about it, and delved a lake, and built a tower, and hired it to earth-tillers, and went forth in pilgrimage.
12:02 And he sent to the earth-tillers in time a servant, that he should receive of the fruit of the vineyard of the earth-tillers.
12:03 And they took him, and beat him, and left him void.
12:04 And again he sent to them another servant, and they wounded him in the head, and punished him with chidings.
12:05 And again he sent another, and they killed him, and others more, and they beat some, soothly they killed others.
12:06 Therefore yet he having one son most dear-worthy, and to them he sent him the last, saying, Peradventure they shall dread with reverence my son.
12:07 But the earth-tillers said to themselves, This is the heir; come ye, slay we him, and the heritage shall be ours.
12:08 And they took him, and killed him, and cast him out without the vineyard.
12:09 What therefore shall the lord of the vinery do? He shall come, and lose the earth-tillers, and give the vineyard to others.
12:10 Whether ye have not read this scripture, The stone which the builders have despised, this is made into the head of the corner?
12:11 This thing is done of the Lord, and it is wonderful in our eyes.
12:12 And they sought to hold him, and they dreaded the people; for they knew that to them he said this parable; and they left him, and they went away.
12:13 And they send to him some of the Pharisees and of the Herodians, to take him in word.
12:14 Which coming say to him, Master, we know that thou art soothfast, and reckest not of any man; for neither thou beholdest into the face of any man, but thou teachest the way of God in truth. Is it leaveful to give tribute to Caesar, or we shall not give?
12:15 Which witting their privy falseness, said to them, What tempt ye me, hypocrites? bring ye to me a penny, that I may see.
12:16 And they brought to him. And he saith to them, Whose is this image, and the writing above? They say to him, Caesar’s.
12:17 Forsooth Jesus answering said to them, Therefore yield ye to Caesar those things that be of Caesar, and to God, those things that be of God. And they wondered on him.
12:18 And Sadducees, that say that no rising again is, come to him, and they asked him, saying,
12:19 Master, Moses wrote to us, that if the brother of a man were dead, and left his wife, and left no sons, his brother shall take his wife, and raise up seed to his brother.
12:20 Therefore seven brethren were; and the first took a wife, and died, and left no seed.
12:21 And the second took her, and died, and neither he left seed. And the third also.
12:22 And seven took her, and left no seed. And the woman last of all is dead.
12:23 Therefore in the resurrection, when they shall rise again, whose wife of these shall she be? for seven had her to wife.
12:24 And Jesus answering said to them, Whether ye err not therefore, not knowing the scriptures, neither the virtue of God?
12:25 Forsooth when they shall rise again from dead, neither they wed, nor be wedded, but they shall be as angels of God in heaven.
12:26 And of dead men, that they rise again, have ye not read in the book of Moses, upon the bush, how God spake to him, saying, I am God of Abraham, and God of Isaac, and God of Jacob?
12:27 He is not God of dead men, but God of living men; therefore ye err much.
12:28 And one of the scribes, that had heard them seeking together, came nigh, and seeing that he had answered them well, asked him, which was the first commandment of all.
12:29 Forsooth Jesus answered him, That the first of all commandments is, Hear, Israel, the Lord thy God is one God;
12:30 and thou shalt love the Lord thy God of all thine heart, and of all thy soul, and of all thy mind, and of all thy virtue. This is the first commandment.
12:31 And the second is like to this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.
12:32 And the scribe said to him, Master, in truth thou hast well said; for one God is, and there is none other, except him;
12:33 and that he be loved of all the heart, and of all the mind, and of all the understanding, and of all the soul, and of all the strength, and to love thine neighbour as himself, is more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.
12:34 And Jesus seeing that he had answered wisely, said to him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God. And now no man durst ask him more.
12:35 And Jesus answered and said, teaching in the temple, How say the scribes, that Christ is the son of David?
12:36 Forsooth David himself said in the Holy Ghost, The Lord said to my Lord, Sit thou on my right half, till I put thine enemies a stool of thy feet.
12:37 Therefore David himself sayeth him Lord, and whereof is he his son? And much people gladly heard him.
12:38 And he said to them in his teaching, Be ye ware of scribes, that will go in stoles, and be saluted in the market,
12:39 and sit in the first chairs in synagogues, and in the first sitting places in suppers;
12:40 which devour the houses of widows under the colour of long prayer; these shall take longer doom.
12:41 And Jesus sitting against the treasury, beheld how the people cast money into the treasury; and many rich cast many things.
12:42 Soothly when a poor widow had come, she cast two minutes, that is, a farthing.
12:43 And he called together his disciples, and saith to them, Truly I say to you, that this poor widow cast more than all, that cast into the treasury.
12:44 For all they cast of that thing that they had plenty of; but this of her mis-ease sent all things that she had, all her lifelode.
13:01 And when he went out of the temple, one of his disciples saith to him, Master, see, what manner stones, and what manner buildings.
13:02 And Jesus answering said to him, Seest thou all these great buildings? there shall not be left a stone upon a stone, that shall not be destroyed.
13:03 And when he sat in the mount of Olives against the temple, Peter and James and John and Andrew asked him by themselves,
13:04 Say thou to us, when these things shall be done, and what sign shall be, when all these things shall begin to be ended.
13:05 And Jesus answering began to say to them, See ye, that no man deceive you;
13:06 for many shall come in my name, saying, That I am; and they shall deceive many.
13:07 And when ye shall hear battles and opinions of battles, dread ye not; for it behooveth that these things be done, but the end is not yet.
13:08 For folk shall rise upon folk, and realm upon realm, and earth-moving shall be by places and hunger; these things shall be beginnings of sorrows.
13:09 But see ye yourselves, for they shall take you in councils, and ye shall be beaten in synagogues; and ye shall stand before kings and doomsmen for me, in witnessing to them.
13:10 And it behooveth, that the gospel be first preached among all folk.
13:11 And when they shall take you, and lead you forth, do not ye before think what ye shall speak, but speak ye that thing that shall be given to you in that hour; soothly ye be not speaking, but the Holy Ghost.
13:12 Forsooth the brother shall betray the brother into death, and the father the son, and sons shall rise together against fathers and mothers, and shall punish them by death.
13:13 And ye shall be in hatred to all men for my name; but he that shall sustain into the end, this shall be safe.
13:14 But when ye shall see the abomination of discomfort, standing where it oweth not; he that readeth, understand; then they that be in Judaea, flee to the mountains.
13:15 And he that is above in the roof, come not down into the house, neither enter he, to take any thing of his house;
13:16 and he that shall be in the field, turn he not again behind for to take his cloth.
13:17 But woe to them that be with child, and nursing in those days.
13:18 Therefore pray ye, that your flying be not done in winter, or in sabbath.
13:19 But those days of tribulation shall be such, which manner were not from the beginning of creature, which God made, till now, neither shall be.
13:20 And but the Lord had abridged those days, all flesh had not be safe; but for the chosen whom he chose, the Lord hath made short the days.
13:21 And then if any man shall say to you, Lo! here is Christ, lo! there, believe ye not.
13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall give signs and wonders, to deceive, if it may be done, yea, the chosen.
13:23 Therefore take ye keep; lo! I have before-said to you all things.
13:24 But in those days, after that tribulation, the sun shall be made dark, and the moon shall not give her light,
13:25 and the stars of heaven shall fall down, and the virtues that be in heavens, shall be moved.
13:26 And then they shall see man’s Son coming in the clouds of heaven, with great virtue and glory.
13:27 And then he shall send his angels, and shall gather his chosen from the four winds, from the lowest thing of earth unto the highest thing of heaven.
13:28 Forsooth of the fig tree learn ye a parable. When now his branch is tender, and leaves be sprung out, ye know that summer is nigh.
13:29 and when ye shall see these things be done, know ye, that it is nigh in the doors.
13:30 Truly I say to you, that this generation shall not pass away, till all these things be done.
13:31 Heaven and earth shall pass, but my words shall not pass.
13:32 But of that day or hour no man knoweth, neither angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.
13:33 See ye, wake ye, and pray ye; for ye know not, when the time is.
13:34 For as a man that is gone far in pilgrimage, left his house, and gave to his servants power of every work, and commanded to the porter, that he should wake.
13:35 Therefore wake ye, for ye know not, when the lord of the house cometh, in the even, or at midnight, or at cock’s crowing, or in the morning;
13:36 lest when he come suddenly, he find you sleeping.
13:37 Forsooth that that I say to you, I say to all, Wake ye.
14:01 Pask and the feast of therf loaves was after two days. And the highest priests and the scribes sought, how they should hold him with guile, and slay him.
14:02 But they said, Not in the feast day, lest peradventure a noise were made among the people.
14:03 And when he was at Bethany, in the house of Simon leprous, and sat at the meat, a woman came, having a box of alabaster of precious ointment spikenard; and the box broken, she poured it out upon his head.
14:04 But there were some that bare it heavily within themselves, and said, Whereto is this loss of ointment made?
14:05 For this ointment might have been sold for more than three hundred pence, and be given to poor men. And they groaned against her.
14:06 But Jesus said, Suffer ye her; what be ye heavy to her? she hath wrought a good work into me.
14:07 For ye have ever poor men with you, and when ye will, ye be able to do well to them; forsooth ye shall not ever have me.
14:08 She did that that she had; she came before to anoint my body into burying.
14:09 Truly I say to you, where ever this gospel shall be preached in all the world, and this thing that this woman hath done, shall be told into mind of her.
14:10 And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went to the highest priests, to betray him to them.
14:11 And they heard, and joyed, and promised to give him money. And he sought how he should betray him covenably.
14:12 And the first day of therf loaves, when they offered pask, the disciples said to him, Where wilt thou we go, and make ready to thee, that thou eat the pask?
14:13 And he sendeth two of his disciples, and saith to them, Go ye into the city, and a man bearing a gallon of water shall meet you; follow ye him.
14:14 And whither ever he shall enter, say ye to the lord of the house, That the master saith, Where is mine eating place, where I shall eat pask with my disciples?
14:15 And he shall shew to you a great supping place arrayed, and there make ye ready to us.
14:16 And his disciples went forth, and came into the city, and found as he had said to them; and they made ready the pask.
14:17 Soothly even made, he came with the twelve.
14:18 And them sitting at the meat, and eating, Jesus said, Truly I say to you, that one of you that eateth with me, shall betray me.
14:19 And they began to be sorrowful, and to say each by himself, Whether I?
14:20 Which said to them, One of the twelve that putteth in his hand with me in the platter.
14:21 And soothly man’s Son goeth, as it is written of him; but woe to that man, by whom man’s Son shall be betrayed. It were good to him, if that man had not been born.
14:22 And while they ate, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and brake it, and gave to them, and said, Take; this is my body.
14:23 And when he had taken the cup, he did thankings, and gave to them, and all drank thereof.
14:24 And he said to them, This is my blood of the new testament, which shall be shed out for many.
14:25 Truly I say to you, for now I shall not drink of this fruit of the vine, till into that day when I shall drink it new in the realm of God.
14:26 And when the hymn was said, they went out into the hill of Olives.
14:27 And Jesus saith to them, All ye shall be offended in me in this night; for it is written, I shall smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered.
14:28 But after that I shall rise again, I shall go before you into Galilee.
14:29 And Peter said to him, Though all shall be offended, but not I.
14:30 And Jesus saith to him, Truly I say to thee, for today before that the cock crow twice in this night, thrice thou shalt deny me.
14:31 And he spake more, And if it shall behoove me to die together with thee, I shall not deny thee. And in like manner all said.
14:32 And they came into a place, to which the name was Gethsemane. And he saith to his disciples, Sit ye here, the while I pray.
14:33 And he taketh Peter and James and John with him, and began to dread, and to be heavy.
14:34 And he saith to them, My soul is sorrowful till to the death; sustain ye here, and wake ye.
14:35 And when he had gone forth a little, he fell down on the earth, and prayed, that, if it might be, the hour should pass from him.
14:36 And he said, Abba, Father, all things be possible to thee, turn from me this cup; but not that I will, but that thou wilt.
14:37 And he came, and found them sleeping. And he saith to Peter, Simon, sleepest thou? mightest thou not wake with me one hour?
14:38 Wake ye, and pray ye, that ye enter not into temptation; forsooth the spirit is ready, but the flesh is sick.
14:39 And again he went, and prayed, and said the same word;
14:40 and he turned again, and again found them sleeping; for their eyes were heavied. And they wist not, what they should answer to him.
14:41 And he came the third time, and saith to them, Sleep ye now, and rest ye; it sufficeth. The hour is come; lo! man’s son shall be betrayed into the hands of sinners.
14:42 Rise ye, go we; lo! he that shall betray me is nigh.
14:43 And, yet him speaking, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, came, and with him much company with swords and staves, sent from the highest priests, and scribes, and elder men.
14:44 And his traitor had given to them a token, saying, Whomever I shall kiss, he it is; hold ye him, and lead ye him warily.
14:45 And when he had come, anon he coming to him, saith, Master; and he kissed him.
14:46 And they laid hands on him, and held him.
14:47 Forsooth one of men standing about, drawing out a sword, smote the servant of the highest priest, and cut off his ear.
14:48 And Jesus answered, and said to them, As to a thief ye have gone out with swords and staves, to take me?
14:49 Day by day I was at you, teaching in the temple, and ye held not me; but that the scriptures be fulfilled.
14:50 Then all his disciples forsook him, and fled.
14:51 Soothly some young man, clothed with linen cloth on the bare, followed him; and they held him.
14:52 And the linen cloth forsaken, he naked fled away from them.
14:53 And they led Jesus to the highest priest. And all came together into one, the priests and the scribes and elder men.
14:54 But Peter followed him afar till into the hall of the highest priest. And he sat with the servants, and warmed him at the fire.
14:55 And the highest priests, and all the council, sought witnessing against Jesus that they should betake him to death; but they found not.
14:56 For many said false witnessing against him, and the witnessings were not covenable.
14:57 And some rose up, and bare false witnessing against him, saying,
14:58 For we heard him say, I shall undo this temple made with hands, and by the third day I shall build another not made with hands.
14:59 And the witnessing of them was not covenable.
14:60 And the highest priest rising up into the midst, asked Jesus, saying, Answerest thou nothing to those things that be put against thee of these men?
14:61 But he was still, and answered nothing. Again the highest priest asked him, and said to him, Art thou Christ, the Son of the blessed God?
14:62 And Jesus said to him, I am; and ye shall see man’s Son sitting on the right half of the virtue of God, and coming in the clouds of heaven.
14:63 Forsooth the highest priest, cutting his clothes, saith, What yet desire we witnesses?
14:64 Ye have heard blasphemy. What seemeth to you? And they all condemned him to be guilty of death.
14:65 And some began to spit on him, and to hide his face, and smite him with buffets, and say to him, Prophesy thou. And the ministers beat him with strokes.
14:66 And when Peter was in the hall beneath, one of the handmaidens of the highest priest came.
14:67 And when she had seen Peter warming him, she beheld him, and said, And thou wast with Jesus of Nazareth.
14:68 And he denied, saying, Neither I know, neither I know, what thou sayest. And he went out withoutforth before the hall; and anon the cock crew.
14:69 Again forsooth when another handmaiden had seen him, she began to say to men standing about, For this is of them.
14:70 And he again denied. And after a little, again they that were present, said to Peter, Verily thou art of them, for also thou art of Galilee.
14:71 But he began to curse and to swear, For I know not this man, of whom ye say.
14:72 And anon again the cock crew. And Peter bethought on the word that Jesus had said to him, Before that the cock crow twice, thou shalt deny me thrice. And he began to weep.
15:01 And anon the morrow made, the highest priests, making counsel with the elder men, and scribes, and all the council, binding Jesus, led and betook to Pilate.
15:02 And Pilate asked him, Art thou king of Jews? And he answering saith to him, Thou sayest.
15:03 And the highest priests accused him in many things.
15:04 But Pilate again asked him, saying, Answerest thou nothing? Seest thou in how many things they accuse thee?
15:05 Forsooth Jesus more nothing answered, so that Pilate wondered.
15:06 Forsooth by the feast day he was wont to leave to them one of the prisoners, whomever they asked.
15:07 And there was one that was said Barabbas, that was bound with men of dissension, that had done manslaying in dissension.
15:08 And when the company had ascended, he began to pray, as he ever did to them.
15:09 Soothly Pilate answered to them, and said, Will ye I leave to you the king of Jews?
15:10 Forsooth he knew that the highest priests had betaken him by envy.
15:11 Forsooth the bishops stirred the company of people, that more he should leave to them Barabbas.
15:12 And again Pilate answered, and said to them, What then will ye that I shall do to the king of Jews?
15:13 And they again cried, Crucify him.
15:14 But Pilate said to them, Soothly what evil hath he done? And they cried the more, Crucify him.
15:15 And soothly Pilate, willing to do enough to the people, left to them Barabbas, and he betook Jesus, beaten with scourges, to be crucified.
15:16 And knights led him withinforth, into the porch of the moot hall. And they called together all the company of knights,
15:17 and they clothed him with purple. And they folding a crown of thorns, put on him.
15:18 And began to greet him, saying, Hail, king of Jews.
15:19 And they smote his head with a reed, and spat on him; and putting their knees, worshipped him.
15:20 And after that they had scorned him, they unclothed him from purple, and clothed him with his clothes, and led out him, to crucify him.
15:21 And they constrained some man passing forth, Simon of Cyrene, coming from the town, the father of Alexander and Rufus, that he should take his cross.
15:22 And they led him into the place of Golgatha, that is interpreted, the place of Calvary.
15:23 And they gave him to drink wine meddled with myrrh, and he took not.
15:24 And they crucified him, and parted his clothes, sending lot on them, who should take what.
15:25 And it was the third hour, and they crucified him.
15:26 And the title of his cause was written, King of Jews.
15:27 And they crucified with him two thieves, one on his right half, and one on his left half.
15:28 And the scripture was fulfilled that saith, And he is areckoned with wicked men.
15:29 And as they passed forth, they blasphemed him, moving their heads, and saying, Fie! thou that destroyest the temple of God, and in three days buildest it again;
15:30 come adown from the cross, and make thyself safe.
15:31 In like manner and the highest priests scorning him, each to other, with the scribes, said, Others he made safe, himself he may not make safe.
15:32 Christ, the king of Israel, come down now from the cross, that we see, and believe. And they that were crucified with him, put wrong to him.
15:33 And when the sixth hour was come, darknesses were made upon all the earth till unto the ninth hour.
15:34 And in the ninth hour Jesus cried with a great voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani, the which is interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
15:35 And some of the men that stood about heard, and said, Lo! he calleth Elias.
15:36 And one ran, and filled a sponge with vinegar, and putted about to a reed, and gave him to drink, saying, Suffer ye, see we, if Elias come to do him down.
15:37 Forsooth Jesus, a great voice sent out, died.
15:38 And the veil of the temple was cut into twain from the highest, till to down.
15:39 But the centurion that stood over against saw, that he so crying had died, and said, Verily, this man was the Son of God.
15:40 And there were also women beholding from afar, among which was Mary Magdalene, and Mary, the mother of James the less, and Joseph, and Salome.
15:41 And when Jesus was in Galilee, they followed him, and ministered to him, and many other women, which had ascended together with him to Jerusalem.
15:42 And when even was now made, for it was the making ready, which is before the sabbath,
15:43 Joseph of Arimathaea, a noble decurion, came, which also he was abiding the realm of God; and boldly he entered in to Pilate, and asked the body of Jesus.
15:44 Forsooth Pilate wondered, if he had now died. And when the centurion was called, he asked him, if he were now dead;
15:45 and when he knew of the centurion, he gave the body of Jesus to Joseph.
15:46 Soothly Joseph buying sendal, and doing him down, wrapped him in the linen cloth, and put him in a new sepulchre that was hewn in a stone, and wallowed a stone to the door of the sepulchre.
15:47 And Mary Magdalene and Mary of Joseph beheld, where he was laid.
16:01 And when the sabbath was passed, Mary Magdalene, and Mary of James, and Salome bought sweet smelling ointments, that they coming should anoint Jesus.
16:02 And full early in one of the week days, they came to the sepulchre, when the sun was risen.
16:03 And they said together, Who shall turn away to us the stone from the door of the sepulchre?
16:04 And they beheld, and saw the stone wallowed away, for it was full great.
16:05 And they entering into the sepulchre, saw a young one, covered with a white stole, sitting on the right half; and they were astonished.
16:06 Which saith to them, Do not ye dread; ye seek Jesus of Nazareth crucified; he is risen, he is not here; lo! the place where they laid him.
16:07 But go ye, and say to his disciples, and to Peter, that he shall go before you into Galilee; there ye shall see him, as he said to you.
16:08 And they went out, and fled from the sepulchre; for trembling and dread had assailed them, and to no man they said any thing, for they dreaded.
16:09 And Jesus rose early the first day of the week, and appeared first to Mary Magdalene, of whom he had cast out seven devils.
16:10 She going told to them mourning and weeping, that were with him.
16:11 And they hearing that he lived, and was seen of her, believed not.
16:12 Forsooth after these things, he was shewed in another likeness to twain of them walking and going into a town.
16:13 And they going told to others, neither they believed to them.
16:14 But after at the last, when the eleven sat at the meat, Jesus appeared to them, and reproved the unbelief of them, and the hardness of heart, for they believed not to these, that had seen him to have risen from dead.
16:15 And he said to them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to each creature.
16:16 He that shall believe, and shall be baptized, shall be saved; soothly he that shall not believe, shall be damned.
16:17 Forsooth these signs shall follow them, that believe. In my name they shall cast out fiends; they shall speak with new tongues;
16:18 they shall do away serpents; and if they shall drink any venom, it shall not harm them. They shall put their hands upon sick men, and they shall have them well.
16:19 And the Lord Jesus, after he had spoken to them, was taken up into heaven, and sitteth on the right half of God.
16:20 Soothly they gone forth preached every where, the Lord working with, and confirming the word with signs following.
1. Terence P. Noble